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Harmful Ordinance Passed by Dallas City Council

On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council voted 10-3 in favor of changing Dallas' animal ordinance.  Effective on Tuesday, July 1st, the ordinance requires the sterilization of all dogs, unless owners purchase an annual $70 breeder permit to keep each dog intact.  Additionally, the ordinance establishes a limit on the number of pets owned to six dogs or cats per dwelling. 

The American Kennel Club thanks the many concerned Dallas-area breeders and owners who actively opposed this ordinance, and the over 200 citizens who appeared at Wednesday's hearing in opposition to the proposal.  Because of the hard work of these citizens, members of the Dallas City Council have learned the importance of responsible dog ownership and the need to effectively enforce leash and nuisance ordinances.  The City Council promised to revisit the effectiveness of this ordinance in the near future. 

The Government Relations Department received several inquiries as to the effects of this new ordinance on the Lone Star State Classic dog shows, which will be held July 3-6 at Dallas Market Hall.  As adopted, the ordinance exempts competition dogs from spay/neuter requirements.  This means that the owners of competition dogs neither have to comply with the spay/neuter requirements nor acquire a breeder permit.  The Government Relations Department encourages all owners and handlers with entered dogs to support the show-giving clubs in Dallas. 

For more information, contact AKC's Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720, or e-mail

On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council voted 10-3 in favor of changing Dallas’ animal ordinance. …