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Yesterday (4/26/23), amendments were proposed to House Bill 3682 by the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee. A copy of the amended bill was not provided by the time of this update; however, according to legislative staff, the subcommittee’s amendments to H.3682 include:

  • The scope of a court hearing to determine if an owner is required to pay the costs of seizure and care of animals would be limited to whether probable cause existed to seize the animal. This is a more appropriate level of proof than was in the bill as originally filed.
  • If a charge is dismissed, not prosecuted, or the defendant is found not guilty, the defendant would be reimbursed treble (3 times) the amount of all costs required by the court and paid by the defendant. This potentially would serve as a deterrent to frivolous and unjustified confiscations of animals.
  • A court would be authorized to waive or reduce the requirement for an owner to pay the costs of seizure and care for confiscated animals if the owner is indigent.

Following action in subcommittee yesterday, the bill immediately advanced to the full Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and was added to the committee’s agenda for April 27, 2023, at 10:00am. If the committee approves the bill and amendments, it will next advance to the full Senate.

AKC Government Relations will provide additional updates as information becomes available.


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