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The San Antonio City Council is considering a 5-Year Strategic Plan that includes mandatory spay/neuter and breeder permits, as well as creation of a bill of rights for animals. The plan was generated by the San Antonio Animal Care Services Advisory Board and will be presented to the city council at the June 29th meeting. Fanciers and concerned dog owners are needed to attend the meeting and oppose these proposals.

Breeder licensing fees place undue burden on responsible breeders and owners and fail to address the irresponsible individuals who do not comply with existing law and will not comply with new regulations. Such fees therefore punish responsible breeders who give the care and attention that puppies need in order to grow into healthy, well-adjusted companions and neighbors. Responsible local breeders also provide a support system to new owners; assisting them with housebreaking, training questions, behavior issues and basic new puppy care inquiries.

The AKC believes the answer to population issues is strict enforcement of leash and nuisance laws, rather than passage of new burdensome regulation. The key to resolving this issue is to implement and expand the wide range of programs available to educate the public about responsible breeding and animal ownership practices.

AKC also has serious concerns about establishing a bill of rights for animals. AKC supports the best premises of animal welfare but does not believe that animals have legal rights. Pets may be special members of our families, but they are unable to take responsibility for their actions. Bestowing legal rights on them is the first step in a larger campaign to end pet ownership and breeding altogether.

However, aside from the mandatory spay/neuter proposal and the bill of rights for animals, AKC wishes to applaud the advisory board for many of the initiatives contained in the most recent draft. AKC is particularly pleased to see the outreach and educational plans and the proposals to increase owner retention. The Animal Care Service Advisory Board pursuit of alternative sources of funding is also innovative and will be beneficial in supplementing the animal service budget. AKC looks forward to working with local dog owners to help San Antonio find effective and reasonable solutions to its animal control challenges.

For AKC’s talking points on opposing mandatory spay/neuter, please click here.

What You Can Do:

  • Attend the City Council meeting June 29th at 9am.

    Municipal Plaza Building
    103 Main Plaza
    San Antonio, Texas 78205

  • The following city officials also have considerable influence over the development of the Strategic Plan and fanciers are asked to send them a copy of the correspondence that is sent to city council members.

    City Manager Sheryl Sculley
    Phone: (210) 207-7080
    Fax: (210) 207-4217

    Deputy City Mgr Pat DiGiovanni
    Phone: (210) 207-6912
    Fax: (210) 207-4122

    Asst. City Manager Frances Gonzales
    Phone: (210) 207-2200
    Fax: (210) 207-4122

The San Antonio City Council is considering a 5-Year Strategic Plan that includes mandatory…