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Ear Cropping and Tail Docking Bill Amended

A. 11242, the New York State Assembly bill to prohibit ear cropping and tail docking, has been amended. It is imperative that New York fanciers and concerned dog owners contact their Assemblymember and members of the Agriculture Committee immediately to oppose this legislation.


The new version of the bill contains a legislative intent section which states that “it is the purpose and intent of this act to eliminate cosmetic procedures that are cruel and inhumane to dogs, and to further curtail illegal dog fighting.” The bill now expressly states that the legislature believes that there is no medical indication for ear cropping and tail docking and claims that the practices are linked to dog fighting, which is already illegal under New York state law.

The original version of the bill established a $500 fine for tail docking. The updated version increases that to $1000. Ear cropping remains a $1000 fine as it was in the initial draft of the bill.

The final modification to the bill removes the specific right of an animal rights organization to sue under a right of private action, but preserves that ability for individual dog owners. Therefore, a dog owner could file a private lawsuit against a breeder, owner or veterinarian under the provisions of A. 11242.

Under A. 11242, to show or compete in any event, including conformation, field trials, performance events and companion events, an owner will have to prove that the dog’s tail was docked prior to September 1, 2007 or the surgery was performed in another state.

A. 11242 remains in the Assembly Agriculture Committee, but a hearing date has still not been announced. AKC will be posting new information as it becomes available. Please watch our web site for additional updates. To read the bill in its entirety please click here.

A.11242 is being co-sponsored by 18 additional Assemblymembers. If you live in the district of one of these representatives, please contact them immediately and ask them to withdraw their support of A. 11242. Cosponsors can be emailed by clicking on the links below.


Points to Consider:

  • When appropriate veterinary care is provided, ear cropping and tail docking are safe, acceptable practices.
  • Owners, in close consultation with their veterinarians, should make informed decisions about their pets’ health care—not the government.
  • Once legislators determine they can ban certain elective procedures, they may be just a short step away from removing veterinarians’ and owners’ rights to make informed decisions about animal care and treatment.


What You Can Do:

  • Contact the author, Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, and ask her to withdraw the bill from consideration.
    LOB 641
    Albany, NY 12248
  • Fanciers should immediately contact their own Assemblymember and ask him or her to oppose A. 11242. To find out who represents you in the New York State Assembly, click here: It is critical that legislators hear from their own constituents!
  • Purebred dog owners should also contact their veterinarians and urge them not to support A. 11242. Point out that veterinarians should be concerned about allowing the government and public opinion too much control over their practices.
  • Share this information with other fanciers and dog clubs. We need everyone’s help!
  • Contact the Cosponsors and ask them to withdraw their support of A. 11242.


Asm. Deborah Glick (66th – New York County)
Asm. Joan Millman (52nd – Kings County)
Asm. Amy Paulin (88th Westchester County)
Asm. Keith Wright (70th – New York County)
Asm. Ann Margaret Carrozza (26th – Queens County
Asm. Nettie Mayersohn (27th – Queens County)
Asm. Patricia Eddington (3rd – Suffolk County)
Asm. Linda Rosenthal (67th – New York County)
Asm. David Townsend (115th – Oneida and Oswego Counties)
Asm. Michael Benjamin (82nd – Bronx County)
Asm. William Colton (47th – Kings County)
Asm. Jeffrey Dinowitz (81st – Bronx County)
Asm. Sylvia Freidman (74th – New York County)
Asm. Jim Hayes (148th – Niagara and Erie Counties)
Asm. Charles Lavine (13th – Nassau County)
Asm. Joel Miller (102nd – Dutchess County)
Asm. Darryl Towns (54th – Kings County)
Asm. Harvey Weisenberg (20th – Nassau County)

  • Your voice is especially important if your representative sits on the Assembly Agriculture Committee.


Committee Chair Assemblyman William Magee

Assemblyman Marc S. Alessi

Assemblyman Darrel J. Aubertine

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto

Assemblyman Marc W. Butler

Assemblywoman Adele Cohen

Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz

Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte

Assemblywoman RoAnn M. Destito

Assemblyman Gary D. Finch

Assemblywoman Aileen M. Gunther

Assemblyman Stephen Hawley

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton

Assemblyman Alan Maisel

Assemblywoman Margaret M. Markey

Assemblyman Roy McDonald

Assemblyman John J. McEneny

Assemblyman Bob Reilly

Assemblyman Peter M. Rivera

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal

Assemblyman Paul D. Tonko

Ear Cropping and Tail Docking Bill Amended

A. 11242, the New York State Assembly bill to…