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Late Friday the US Senate passed their version of the 2007 Farm Bill. Below is a summary of provisions affecting dogs.

  • Senator Richard J. Durbin (D-IL) has announced that his amendment to the Senate Farm Bill to protect the health of puppies imported into the United States has been accepted. The measure will require that any puppy brought in to the US have all vaccinations and be in good health as determined by the Secretary of Agriculture. Imports of puppies for resale under the age of 6 months are prohibited.

    This amendment will NOT negatively impact fanciers and responsible dog breeders who import an animal for use in their own breeding programs or as a pet.

  • Senator John Kerry (D-MA) authored amendments that will strengthen the existing laws on dog fighting, making it easier to prosecute those who would abuse our canine companions.

    Federal law already prohibits dog fighting ventures and the Farm Bill amendment would expand and strengthen the current prohibition to include those who knowingly “sponsor” or “attend” a dog fighting venture. Additionally, it would make it unlawful to buy, sell, possess, train or transport any dog or other animal for the purpose of having the animal participate in an animal fighting venture. The amendment defines a “dog fighting venture” as an event that involves a fight between at least 2 animals, including at least one dog, which is conducted for purposes of sport, wagering, or entertainment.

    The AKC has long opposed dog fighting, the breeding and training of dogs to fight, and supports making participation in organized dog fights a felony.

  • Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI) sponsored an amendment that will ensure that all dogs and cats sold to research facilities are obtained through legal means. The measure will require that Class B dealers, those who sell animals to research facilities, be licensed and provide documentation on the source of the animals.


The 2007 Farm Bill will now proceed to a conference committee in January. Because the House version of the bill did not include any of the above amendments, they will all be re-examined by the conferees.

Late Friday the US Senate passed their version of the 2007 Farm Bill. Below is a summary of…