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The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to consider a problematic animal ordinance at their April 9, 2024, meeting.

Every pet owner, breeder, rescue group, foster pet caretaker, and individual in DeKalb County who transfers, gives away, or sells a pet would be affected by this proposed new law. Additionally, the collection and retention of information about individuals who acquire pets would be mandated.

It is important for the county to hear from constituents on this proposal.  Scroll down for meeting and contact information.

Among other overreaching requirements, the proposed county ordinance would:

  • Require owners of female companion animals to obtain a litter permit prior to or within one week after the birth of a litter. A permit fee is referenced, but an amount is not indicated. This would be in in addition to federal and Georgia state dog and cat breeder requirements.
  • Require all persons (not only breeders) to obtain a litter permit to locally advertise a companion animal under the age of six months for sale, gift, or transfer.
  • Limit the number of permits that could be issued to a household in any 12-month period; however, the proposed number is blank in the ordinance. It is unclear if the household or the female companion animal would be limited to one litter per year.
  • Allow Dekalb County Animal Services to waive the fee for a litter permit for rescue groups and foster care providers. Other requirements would not be waived.
  • Require the litter permit holder to permanently retain for inspection the name and address of every recipient of an animal.
  • Require the litter permit holder to be liable for medical costs up to the purchase price for any puppy or kitten “diagnosed as sick” within one week from the date of sale. As drafted, this provision does not require veterinary documentation of illness, allow the seller/transferer of the pet to have it examined by their own veterinarian, nor does it provide due process for either the buyer or seller.
  • Require that puppies and kittens may only be sold, given as a gift, or transferred from the location listed on the litter permit.


Breeders and hobbyists in DeKalb County, as well as residents who may wish to acquire their next pet within DeKalb County are urged to contact their county commissioners and state their strong opposition to this overreaching proposal. View the proposed ordinance: Animal Litter Permit Transfer and Sale Legislation.

Click here to identify your commissioner and their contact information.

For meeting information, how to speak at the meeting, and how to submit comments, click on

Please contact AKC Government Relations at or call 919-816-3720 for additional information.