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Dog Breed Discrimination Ends

The American Kennel Club Government Relations team (AKC GR) is pleased to report that, effective October 1, 2023, all remaining local ordinances in Florida that discriminate against dogs based on breed, weight, or size are overturned.

Senate Bill 942, supported by AKC, removes an exemption from state law that allowed certain local governments to continue banning/restricting dog breeds. It also authorizes public housing authorities to adopt policies related to dogs provided that such requirements are not specific to a dog’s breed, weight, or size. SB 942 was signed by the Governor as Chapter No. 2023-253 and takes effect on October 1, 2023.

Additional New Laws Enacted

House Bill 7063, among numerous other provisions, establishes sales tax holidays in 2023 for purchases of supplies necessary for the evacuation of household pets. Necessary supplies must be noncommercial purchases, subject to price limitations, which include pet foods, portable kennels/carriers, pet beds, and other items. The bill was signed by the Governor as Chapter No. 2023-157 and the section that abates sales tax on certain pet supplies will next be in effect August 26 through September 8, 2023.

House Bill 1047, supported by AKC, increases protections for police canines, fire canines, search and rescue canines, and police horses. The bill was signed by the Governor as Chapter 2023-110 and takes effect October 1, 2023.

House Bill 719 allows certain visiting out-of-state veterinarians to provide specified services under the supervision of a veterinarian licensed in the state. HB 719 was signed by the Governor as Chapter No. 2023-208 and takes effect July 1, 2023.

Congratulations and thank you to dog owners, the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs, sportsmen, and allied organizations for their good work in supporting positive legislation for dogs and dog owners.

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