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On Tuesday, the Lafayette, Colorado, City Council agreed to not proceed with a ban on the private sale of dogs in the city at the recommendation of the proposal’s sponsor.

The council decided to continue discussions at a future meeting on how to proceed with addressing concerns and developing alternative solutions.

AKC thanks the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs, the Flatirons Kennel Club, and the many other local club members, hobbyists, and AKC Breeders of Merit who responded immediately to AKC’s outreach on this proposal – and who attended the hearing and spoke on behalf of responsible breeders and hobbyists.  Your voice made a significant difference on behalf of dogs, and helped educate the city on the value of responsible dog breeders.

We also thank the National Animal Interest Alliance and other national organizations who weighed in to educate the council.

The original proposal sought to define all sellers as pet stores – including private sales – and ban any sales that were not from shelters and rescues.  Council discussions indicated that the members seek more education on these issues prior to taking any action.

What You Can Do:

The Lafayette City Council will continue to deliberate the issue of pet sales and the humane treatment of dogs.  Local clubs are encouraged to thank the sponsor, Councilwoman Tonya Briggs, for agreeing to remove the ban on private sales.  Please also let her know you appreciate her concern for the welfare of dogs.

Also, please thank the City Council for listening to concerns, and let them, including the sponsor, know if you are willing to be a resource as they move forward.

Lawmakers rarely receive thank you notes or calls. Your appreciation will mean a lot to them and can help build bridges for future relationships.

Council members may be contacted by accessing the city’s online form.

AKC and the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs will continue to provide updates as they are available.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at or CFDC at