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The New York legislature has adjourned for 2023 without passing legislation that would negatively impact New York dog owners, breeders, and exhibitors.

Bills do carry over to next year, but we are grateful to the legislators who ensured bills of concern did not advance in 2023.  AKC Government Relations met many times with New York officials this year to share AKC’s position on key legislation. We also thank those club members and dog owners who took the time to contact the legislature on bills of concern. Together we have made a difference for dogs in the state.

Some key bills this session include:

  • Senate Bill 142 – Ban on Debarking
    Final Status for 2023: The bill passed the Senate but was held in the Assembly Agriculture Committee
    This bill would have banned “debarking” – a veterinary practice also known as bark softening. Senate Bill 142 would have prohibited veterinarians from performing this procedure unless it is medically necessary to treat an injury, illness, or congenital defect.  See AKC’s previous alert for more information.
  • Senate Bill 4099/Assembly Bill 2917– Hunting Regulations
    Final Status for 2023: Passed both chambers, will be transmitted to the governor. The measure contains amendments requested by AKC and sportsmen.
    This bill makes certain hunting competitions illegal.  However, prior to passage, amendments were added to protect training, performance events, and certain other hunting activities.  See AKC’s previous alert for more information.
  • Assembly Bill 3714/Senate Bill 5674 – Ban on Ear Cropping and Tail Docking
    Final Status for 2023: These bills never received a hearing.
    AB 3714/SB 5674 would have prohibited ear cropping and tail docking unless necessary to treat an illness or injury. These bills have been introduced numerous times in recent sessions. AKC once again met with leadership of the committees where these bills were assigned. We appreciate that the bills were once again not scheduled for a hearing.

In addition, each year approximately 10 bills are introduced that would further regulate hobbyists in the state.  AKC Government Relations continues to educate lawmakers and leadership on the many concerns with these bills, as well as the economic impact on the state when they support local dog events.  None of these bills received a hearing in 2023.

AKC Government Relations will continue to monitor all bills in New York impacting dog owners and communicate with lawmakers to share our concerns and more positive, effective solutions.   For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at