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March 30, 2015

A bill is scheduled for a hearing TOMORROW (Tuesday, March 31) in the North Carolina Senate State and Local Government Committee that would allow Raleigh law enforcement and peace officers to adopt the animals they worked with or handled during the animal’s service.  A companion House measure (HB 199) has passed committee and will likely be considered by the full House of Representatives soon.

The American Kennel Club supports House Bill 199 and Senate Bill 247, which will ensure the lifelong care of these animals that, along with their handlers, provide invaluable services to Raleigh by allowing the city council donate the animal to the officer or employee who had custody and control of it during its service.  This allows the handler to continue to ensure the animal’s care and wellbeing, as well as allows for the continued companionship and trust that is built between a handler and dog while serving the community.

AKC encourages North Carolina residents to contact the legislature and take the following actions on these bills:

House Bill 199 – This bill has passed committee and will soon be considered by the full House of Representatives.  To find the name and contact information for your State Representative, visit the General Assembly’s “Who Represents Me?” page, and enter your address next to the North Carolina House of Representatives map. 

Senate Bill 247 – This bill is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate State and Local Government Committee tomorrow (Tuesday, March 31).  Please contact the members of the committee and express your support for this bill:

Sen. Jim Davis (Co-Chairman)
Phone: (919) 733-5875

Sen. Norman Sanderson (Co-Chairman)
Phone: (919) 733-5706

Sen. Trudy Wade (Vice Chair)
Phone: (919) 733-5856

Sen. John Alexander, Jr.
Phone: (919) 733-5850

Sen. Tamara Barringer
Phone: (919) 733-5653

Sen. David Curtis
Phone: (919) 715-3038

Sen. Don Davis
Phone: (919) 715-8363

Sen. Valerie Foushee
Phone: (919) 733-5804

Sen. Fletcher Hartsell, Jr.
Phone: (919) 733-7223

Sen. Brent Jackson
Phone: (919) 733-5705

Sen. Louis Pate
Phone: (919) 733-5621

Sen. Ronald Rabin
Phone: (919) 733-5748

Sen. Jane Smith
Phone: (919) 733-5651

Sen. Jeff Tarte
Phone: (919) 715-3050

Sen. Terry Van Duyn
Phone: (919) 715-3001

Sen. Joyce Waddell
Phone: (919) 733-5650

AKC Government Relations will continue to monitor these bills and provide more information as it becomes available. For more information, contact AKC GR at (919) 816-3720 or