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Two Missouri House committees are considering bills this week that further protect the rights of those who own, breed, and show dogs in the state.  Those who reside or participate in dog events in Missouri are strongly encouraged to contact the committees and express your support for the following bills:

  • House Bill 2241/House Bill 2244- Outlawing Breed-Specific Legislation
    House Judiciary Committee, 4:00 pm, Tuesday, February 11, 2020
    HB 2241 and 2244 would prohibit any county or municipality (including those under home rule) from controlling or regulating specific breeds of dogs. It would also make any existing breed-specific law in the state null and void.  Counties and municipalities may regulate dogs, including at-large and vicious dogs, so long as the laws are not breed-specific.
    Visit the Breed-Specific/Dangerous Dog Laws page in the AKC Legislative Action Center for more talking points on this issue.
  • House Bill 2111 – Protection when dogs are seized on suspicion of cruelty
    House Agriculture Policy Committee, 12:00 pm, Wednesday, February 12, 2020
    This bill would make several changes to protect dogs and the rights of dog owners when animals are seized on suspicion of neglect or abuse. The purpose of the bill is to ensure that the accused are innocent until proven guilty, and to protect their dogs that are seized and held during a trial.  Changes include the following:

    • Only allowing law enforcement officers to obtain a warrant to inspect, care for, or confiscate neglected or abused animals, only as set forth in the warrant. The officer must then appear at a disposition hearing within 10 days of the confiscation for the purpose of granting immediate disposition of the animals (current law requires a hearing within 30 days of when a request is filed).
    • Expanding current law to allow animals to be placed with a third party approved by the court during a trial (current law only allows for veterinarians or animal control). AKC believes this could allow for dogs to be placed with co-owners or other responsible parties during a trial.
    • Prohibiting animals from being sterilized during an ongoing trial, unless necessary to relieve suffering. If the animal is intentionally sterilized or euthanized prior to the disposition hearing (unless necessary to relieve suffering), or any time when a bond has been posted to cover care, the organization is guilty of a misdemeanor and is liable to the owner for damages, including the actual value of the animal.  Animals must also receive proper care as determined by state law and regulations, and the facility or organization caring for the animals are liable to the owner for damages resulting from negligent acts or abuse that occur while the animals are in their care.
    • Clarifying that the owner is not responsible for the animals’ care and keeping if the owner is acquitted or there is a final discharge without conviction. Within 72 hours after the disposition hearing, the owner may post a reasonable bond or security to cover the animal’s care, so long as it is consistent with the fair market cost of boarding an animal in an appropriate retail boarding facility.  If the owner is not liable for costs, they must be paid by the confiscating agency.  Further, if the owner did provide sufficient bond and is ultimately acquitted, then they may have their animals returned.

AKC supports this bill, which protects both the health and safety of animals seized and the rights of owners, unless and until proven guilty.

What You Can Do:

Contact the committees in support of these bills.  If you are a constituent, be sure to mention that when contacting them:

House Bills 2241/2244 – Preventing breed-specific legislation:

Contact the House Judiciary Committee prior to their hearing tomorrow (Tuesday, February 11), and ask them to support House Bill 2241 and House Bill 2244.

Rep. David Gregory, Chair (St. Louis) – Sponsor of HB 2241
Phone: 573-751-2150

Rep. Bruce DeGroot, Vice-Chair (Ellisville)
Phone: 573-751-1247

Rep. Gina Mitten, Ranking Minority Member (St. Louis)
Phone: 573-751-2883

Rep. Phil Christofanelli (St. Peters)
Phone: 573-751-2949

Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (Arnold)
Phone: 573-751-3751

Rep. Mark Ellebracht (Liberty)
Phone: 573-751-1218

Rep. David Evans (West Plains)
Phone: 573-751-1455

Rep. Ron Hicks – Sponsor of HB 2244 (St. Charles County)
Phone: 573-751-9768

Rep. Justin Hill (Lake St. Louis)
Phone: 573-751-3572

Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer (Odessa)
Phone: 573-751-1462

Rep. Ian Mackey (St. Louis)
Phone: 573-751-0100

Rep. Steven Roberts (St. Louis)
Phone: 573-751-1400

Rep. Robert Sauls (Independence)
Phone: 573-751-5701

Rep. Nick Schroer (O’Fallon)
Phone: 573-751-1470

Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (Hallsville)
Phone: 573-751-1169

Rep. Curtis Trent (Springfield)
Phone: 573-751-0136

Rep. Rudy Velt (Wardsville)
Phone: 573-751-0665

House Bill 2111 – Protection when animals are seized: 

Contact the House Agriculture Policy Committee prior to their hearing on Wednesday, February 12, and ask them to support this bill that protects dogs and the rights of dog owners:

Rep. Don Rone, Chair (Portageville)
Phone: 573-751-4085

Rep. Rick Francis, Vice-Chair (Perryville)
Phone: 573-751-5912

Rep. Tracy McCreery, Ranking Minority Member (St. Louis)
Phone:  573-751-7535

Rep. Rusty Black (Chillicothe)
Phone: 573-751-2917

Rep. LaKeySha Bosley (St. Louis)
Phone: 573-751-6800

Rep. Paula Brown (Hazelwood)
Phone: 573-751-4163

Rep. Danny Busick (Newtown)
Phone: 573-751-3647

Rep. Scott Cupps (Shell Knob)
Phone: 573-751-1488

Rep. Kent Haden (Mexico)
Phone: 573-751-3649

Rep. Mike Haffner (Pleasant Hill)
Phone: 573-751-3783

Rep. Barry Hovis (Whitewater)
Phone: 573-751-6662

Rep. Tom Hurst (Meta)
Phone: 573-751-1344

Rep. Hannah Kelly (Mountain Grove)
Phone: 573-751-2205

Rep. Jeff Knight (Lebanon)
Phone: 573-751-1167

Rep. Deb Lavender (Kirkwood)
Phone: 573-751-4069

Rep. Warren Love (Osceola)
Phone: 573-751-4065

Rep. Ian Mackey
Phone: 573-751-0100

Rep. Herman Morse (Dexter)
Phone: 573-751-1494

Rep. Dave Muntzel
Phone: 573-751-0169

Rep. Brad Pollitt (Sedalia)
Phone: 573-751-9774

Rep. Rodger Reedy (Windsor)
Phone: 573-751-3971

Rep. Wes Rogers (Kansas City)
Phone: 573-751-2199

Rep. Greg Sharpe (Ewing)
Phone: 573-751-3644

Rep. Bryan Spencer (Wentzville)
Phone: 573-751-1460

Rep. Mike Stephens (Bolivar)
Phone: 573-751-1347

Rep. Barbara Washington (Kansas City)
Phone: 573-751-0538

Rep. Yolanda Young
Phone: 573-751-3129

AKC Government Relations and the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners (MoFed) continue to closely monitor these and all legislative bills in Missouri impacting dog owners.  For more information, contact AKC GR at or MoFed at

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at