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On Monday, April 19, 2021, three animal bills that have favorably passed the New Hampshire House of Representatives were considered by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.  In a prior alert, the American Kennel Club (AKC) summarized three bills and strongly encouraged those who reside in New Hampshire to contact the committee to express support.

In addition to testimony from Representative Howard Pearl, the Chairman of the House Environment and Agriculture Committee and bill sponsor of HB 249 and HB 250, the committee heard testimony in support of these bills from Representative Peter Bixby, New Hampshire Dog Owners of the Granite State (NH DOGS), and AKC Government Relations.

First, HB 249, which seeks to clarify the requirements that animal shelters must meet when transferring dogs, received unanimous oral testimony in support.

Second, the committee discussed HB 250, which currently would increase, from 25 to 35, the number of dogs a person could transfer in one year before needing to obtain a state pet vendor license.  It discussed whether the number for classification as a pet vendor ought to be 30 dogs instead of the proposed 35, and whether the number of cats transferred requiring licensure was reasonable.  Other provisions in HB 250 generated no concern from committee members.  One member of the public testified in opposition to HB 250 noting past animal cruelty cases where large numbers of dogs were seized.

Third, the sponsor of HB 338, Representative Brian Sullivan, testified on the need to increase the penalty for stealing a dog to make the tampering or removal of a collar or microchip a misdemeanor crime.  His constituent, a sportswoman and member of NH DOGS, detailed her experience and motive in advocating for these changes.  AKC GR and the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation also testified in support.

AKC is grateful to Chairman Pearl, Representative Bixby, and Representative Sullivan for their advocacy and support of these important bills.  All three bills remain pending in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  If you have not already done so, New Hampshire residents are strongly encouraged to express support for these bills.  First, go to the Senate’s webpage here.  Second, select April 19, 2021, on the calendar, and then click on the “Senate Energy and Resources Committee” from the drop-down menu “Select the Committee”.   Last, select “I am” a member of the public and select the from the drop-down menu Bill #s HB 249, HB 250 and HB 338 with a position of “I support this bill”.  The system will ask for your contact information.

For more information on these or other legislative issues in New Hampshire, contact AKC’s Government Relations Department at 919-816-3720 or; or the Dog Owners of the Granite State at