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Good news! Bills that would end remaining city/county dog breed bans in Florida continue to advance in the state legislature.

House Bill 941 and Senate Bill 942 seek to authorize governmental public housing authorities to adopt policies related to dogs provided that requirements are not specific to a dog’s breed, weight, or size. These bills also would overturn remaining breed bans by local governments in Florida. The American Kennel Club (AKC) supports this legislation as introduced. Please scroll down to view additional details about what these bills will and will not accomplish.

Florida residents are urged to contact their state Representatives, tell them you support HB 941 and SB 942 as introduced, and ask them to vote in favor of these bills. A vote by the House of Representatives is on the calendar for Tuesday, April 18.


Ask your Florida state Representative to vote YES on HB 941/SB 942 as introduced. To view who represents you, click here, enter your home address, and click on “Find Your Elected Officials.” Next, click on “Full Detail,” then click “Contact Member” to view the telephone number and an email form  you can use to send your message of support for HB 941/SB 942.

Additional Details:  Florida is among the states that prohibit or restrict breed-specific legislation; however under current state law, certain “pit bull” bans/restrictions are still allowed. HB 941/SB 942 would nullify remaining local breed restrictions by deleting a grandfather provision that allows Miami-Dade County and the City of Sunrise to continue enforcing breed-specific restrictions on “pit bull” dogs.

The bills additionally protect dogs by adding a dog’s weight and size as prohibited restrictions under local ordinances.

The bills also will authorize a governmental public housing authority to enact policies pertaining to dogs provided that such policy may not be specific to the breed, size, or weight of a dog. This would nullify existing restrictions by governmental housing authorities on the breeds and sizes of dogs that are allowed on housing authority properties.

Please note that these bills do not affect dog breed or size restrictions that are established by HOAs, subdivision covenants, hotels, non-governmental apartments/rental properties, and other housing providers.

Talking points and resources:

Key Issue Page: Breed Specific/Dangerous Dog Laws

For additional information, please contact AKC Government Relations at