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Earlier this week, the Pennsylvania House passed Senate Bill 746 that removes the difference in license fees for intact and sterilized dogs and makes other changes to licensing for dog owners, kennels, and rescues, as well as other changes to the Commonwealth’s Dog Law.

Prior to the General Assembly’s summer recess, the bill was passed by the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee before being referred to the House Appropriations Committee which released the bill for a final House vote on October 18.

When originally introduced, this bill contained language that would have required an interstate certificate of veterinary inspection for anyone coming into the Commonwealth for dog events or hunting.  Working with the sponsor, Senator Elder Vogel, AKC GR offered an amendment to remove that language so the current exemption for those entering Pennsylvania for under 30 days remains. For additional information please see previous alert.

The bill now goes to Governor Josh Shapiro for his signature.  Those who would like contact Governor Shapiro regarding this legislation may do so by clicking here.

AKC Government Relations along with the Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs continue to closely monitor and communicate with the General Assembly on any legislation related to dogs and their responsible owners.  For more information, contact