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Legislation (H4397) has been introduced in West Virginia that would prohibit debarking or surgical silencing of dogs. Violators would face fines of $400-$1,000 and/or up to six months in jail. H4397 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee, and help is needed to defeat this misguided bill.

Much misinformation exists about debarking of dogs. When performed by a veterinarian, debarking is an acceptable medical procedure that is often done as a “last resort” when all other methods of modifying a dog's behavior have failed. For many responsible dog owners, debarking is the only alternative to euthanizing or surrendering their canine companion to a local shelter when their pet's noisy behavior continually disturbs the community. The decision to debark a dog is one that is best left to the dog owner and his veterinarian.


What You Can Do to Help:
West Virginia fanciers are urged to contact the House Judiciary Committee. Ask them to vote “no” on H4397.

House Judiciary Committee
Capitol Complex #422-M
Charleston, WV 25305
Phone: 304-340-3252

Del. Jon Amores (, 304-340-3252) [Chair]
Del. Steven Kominar (, 304-340-3248) [Vice Chair]
Del. Tim Armstead (, 304-340-3124
Del. Bonnie Brown (, 304-340-3178)
Del. Ann Calvert (, 304-340-3378)
Del. Mike Caputo (, 304-340-3367, 363-7500)
Del. Tom Coleman (, 304-340-3163)
Del. Kevin J. Craig (, 304-340-3118)
Del. Joe DeLong (, 304-340-3287)
Del. John N. Ellem (, 304-340-3394)
Del. Larry V. Faircloth ( 304-340-3275)
Del. Barbara Evans Fleischauer (, 304-340-3169)
Del. Dan Foster (, 304-340-3135)
Del. Lidella Wilson Hrutkay (, 304-340-3156)
Del. Virginia Mahan (, 304-340-3106)
Del. James Hanley Morgan (, 304-340-3123)
Del. John Overington (, 304-340-3148)
Del. Corey L. Palumbo (, 304-340-3143)
Del. Dave Pethtel (, 304-340-3149)
Del. John Pino (, 304-340-3114)
Del. Robert A. Schadler (, 304-340-3191)
Del. Jody G. Smirl (, 304-340-3172)
Del. William “Bill” Stemple (, 304-340-3112)
Del. Richard Thompson (, 304-340-3158)
Del. Charles Rusty Webb (, 304-340-3157)
Del. Carrie Webster (, 304-340-3184)

Also voice your opposition to the bill sponsor:
Speaker Robert S. Kiss (, 304-340-3210

Legislation (H4397) has been introduced in West Virginia that would prohibit debarking
or surgical…