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On Wednesday, July 28, SB1548 was amended to clarify an enforcement question by including the following language:

“Any person who crops the ears of any dog or procures the cropping of a dog's ears within the State of California, except for treatment of disease or injury of the dog, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

For weeks, AKC and fanciers have contacted legislators in opposition to this measure, and we continue to oppose the newly amended bill. There is concern, however, that despite the countless faxes, e-mails and phone calls they have already received, members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee may claim they did not hear any opposition to the July 28th version of SB1548. Under such premise, they could consequently give the bill their approval. Therefore, fanciers are strongly urged to once again call or fax the committee members at the numbers below and convey your continued opposition to SB1548. Don't wait-the committee is scheduled to hear the bill on Wednesday!


[Friday, July 30, 2004]

UPDATE: Officials have now confirmed SB1548's hearing date for Wednesday, August 4th at 9:00 a.m. The hearing is scheduled before the Assembly Appropriations Committee in the Capitol Building, Hearing Room 4202. Attendees should plan to meet in the Capitol Basement Cafeteria one hour before the hearing. Organizers note that there are several items on the agenda other than SB1548, making it possible that the bill will not be heard until later in the hearing. Please see below for further details.


Fanciers Needed to Attend Hearing on CA Ear Crop Bill!

[Wednesday, July 27, 2004]

Though next month's agenda calendar has not yet been made public, the California Assembly's Committee on Appropriations is expected to hold a hearing on SB1548-a bill that would make ear cropping illegal-on Wednesday, August 4th at the Capitol Building in Sacramento. Although you will not have an opportunity to speak, California fanciers are strongly encouraged to attend and show your opposition to this legislation. AKC will post specific details about location and time as they become available.

If you cannot attend the August hearing, please take immediate action by contacting the Assembly Appropriations Committee and stating your opposition to the ear cropping provision in SB1548. In some instances, fanciers are being told that phone calls will not be accepted, so it is important that you both call and fax the committee in order to be sure that your opposition is recorded.


Assembly Committee on Appropriations

Phone: 916-319-2081

Fax: 916-319-2181 (Faxes should be clearly marked SB1548-OPPOSITION.)

(Members are also listed below.)


It is also extremely important for purebred dog owners to contact their own Assembly Members and Senators and urge them to oppose SB1548 unless the ear cropping provision is removed from the bill. To find out who represents you in the California State Legislature, please visit:

SB1548 would make it a misdemeanor to crop a dog's ears unless the procedure was done for treatment of disease or injury to the dog. The bill defines “disease or injury” as a condition that impairs normal physiological functioning. Prevention of ear infections is not considered a valid reason for performing the procedure. Many AKC parent clubs and dog owners have already weighed in on SB1548, but much more help is needed. Owners of breeds who do not crop ears may feel that this bill will not effect them, but SB1548 could set a dangerous precedent for future regulation of all veterinary practices, including tail docking and spaying and neutering. California fanciers must act now in order to prevent this intrusive legislation from passing! To read more about ongoing efforts by the fancy and AKC to defeat SB1548, click here.


AKC's Position Statement

The American Kennel Club recognizes that ear cropping, as described in certain breed standards, is an acceptable practice integral to defining and preserving breed character and/or enhancing good health. Appropriate veterinary care should be provided.


Other Points to Consider:

  • Responsible dog owners, in consultation with their veterinarian, should have the right to make decisions about proper care and treatment for their pets-not the government.
  • The issue has not had the full and open debate it deserves and therefore should be taken out of the bill.
  • SB1548 will create serious animal cruelty risks if owners who cannot obtain veterinary care for ear cropping procedures irresponsibly choose to seek less-qualified sources.
  • Enforcement will be a nightmare for already understaffed, underfunded animal control departments.


Assembly Committee on Appropriations

Capitol Building #2114
Sacramento, CA 95814

MEMBERS: (D) 16 (R) 5

Asm. Judy Chu (916/319-2049, FAX: 916/319-2149, no e-mail) [Chair]

Asm. Sharon Runner (916/319-2036, FAX:916/319-2136,Email: [Vice Chair]

Asm. Patricia C. Bates (916/319-2073, FAX:916/319-2173, no e-mail)

Asm. Patty Berg (916/319-2001,FAX:916/319-2101,Email:

Asm. Ronald Calderon (916/319-2058, FAX:916/319-2158, Email:

Asm. Ellen M. Corbett (916/319-2018, X:916/319-2118, Email:

Asm. Lou Correa (916/319-2069, FAX:916/319-2169, Email:

Asm. Lynn Daucher (916/319-2072, FAX:916/319-2172, Email:

Asm. Marco A. Firebaugh (916/319-2050, FAX:916/319-2150, Email:

Asm. Jackie Goldberg (916/319-2045, FAX:916/319-2145, Email:

Asm. Ray Haynes (916/319-2066, FAX:916/319-2166, Email:

Asm. Rick Keene (916/319-2003, FAX:916/319-2103, Email:

Asm. Mark Leno (916/319-2013, FAX:916/319-2113, Email:

Asm. Joe Nation (916/319-2006, FAX:916/319-2106, Email:

Asm. Gloria Negrete McLeod (916/319-2061, FAX:916/319-2161, Email:

Asm. Jenny Oropeza (916/319-2055, FAX:916/319-2155, Email:

Asm. Fran Pavley (916/319-2041, FAX:916/319-2141, Email:

Asm. Mark Ridley-Thomas (916/319-2048, FAX:916/319-2148, Email:

Asm. Herb Wesson (916/319-2047, FAX:916/319-2147, Email:

Asm. Patricia Wiggins (916/319-2007, FAX:916/319-2107, Email:

Asm. Leland Yee (916/319-2012, FAX:916/319-2112, Email:

On Wednesday, July 28, SB1548 was amended to clarify
an enforcement question by including the…