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Ohio Representative Cheryl Grossman has introduced House Bill 570, which is intended to be an alternative for Senate Bill 95.  Both bills seek to regulate dog breeding in Ohio.

The American Kennel Club opposes numerous provisions in House Bill 570, including (but not limited to):

  • Definition of commercial breeder – A commercial breeder is anyone who for a fee or other consideration does any one of the following:

    • Maintains at any time more than five dogs that are used for breeding.  This is unclear and could be interpreted to mean anyone who owns over five intact dogs.
    • Promotes, advertises, operates, supervises, or manages the breeding of dogs or the business of breeding dogs.
    • Sells, leases, trades, barters, auctions dogs (or offers to do any of these)
  • Ownership limit of 50 intact dogs over the age of eight months at any time.
  • Ban on debarking, ear cropping, and tail docking except when determined by a veterinarian to be medically necessary.  If so determined, the procedures may only be performed by a veterinarian using anesthesia.
  • Allowance for inspection and possible seizure of dogs upon a complaint.  The inspections may occur upon receiving a complaint or the “inspector’s own initiative” and the breeder does not have to be present.  The inspector is permitted to seize any dog that is believed to be kept in any violation, and the breeder will be presented with a written requirement to cease and desist all commercial breeding.

The AKC strongly supports the humane treatment of dogs and the strict enforcement of existing Ohio laws regarding cruelty to animals (§959.13) and prohibitions concerning domestic animals (§959.131).  Any attempts at further regulation must be carefully constructed to ensure that the laws are reasonable, enforceable, and not a violation of the rights of responsible dog breeders.

Status of Legislation:

  • House Bill 570 was just introduced and has not yet been assigned to committee.  The AKC will closely follow this legislation and provide more information when it becomes available.
  • Senate Bill 95 has passed committee and is currently awaiting action on the Senate floor. Please read the AKC’s latest update on Senate Bill 95, and take the time to contact your Senator and Representative on this legislation.

Ohio Representative Cheryl Grossman has introduced House Bill 570, which is intended to be an…