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Montana dog owners are urged to contact their state senators TODAY and respectfully ask for a “yes” vote to reconsider and pass Senate Bill 239, a bill that would prohibit local governments from enacting or enforcing laws that apply only to specific breeds or perceived breeds of dog. SB 239 does not restrict a local government from enacting an ordinance that applies to all dogs.

In a close vote held on February 21, the bill failed to pass in the Senate by a three vote margin. To see how your senator voted on SB 239, click here.

The bill’s sponsor, Senator Doug Kary, is expected to request a vote to reconsider the bill today, February 23, 2015.


Immediately contact your state senator and politely request that he or she vote in favor of SB 239.

You can leave messages for senators by calling (406) 444-4800. Callers may leave messages for up to five individual senators.

For senate contact information, click here for a senate roster, then click on the senator’s name.

To contact your senator via an online form, click here, then:

  • Enter your information (if you are not a resident of Montana, click the “If Out of State” box)
  • Follow the “Legislator Look-up” steps to identify and select your senator
  • Select “SB” in the “Select a Bill Type” drop-down box
  • Type 239 in the “Enter the Number of the Bill” box
  • Click on your position under “Vote.” You may also type in a personalized message.

For questions or more information, please contact AKC Government Relations at or 919-816-3720.