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In addition to emergency measures to address the COVID-19 virus, the City Council of Palm Springs has stated they will continue with their full scheduled agenda at their meeting on Thursday, March 19.  This includes a second reading on a proposal enacting breeder restrictions in the city.

At their February meeting, the council gave initial approval on a proposal to restrict dog and cat breeding to one breeding each calendar year. This punishes small responsible breeders who produce small numbers of dogs that are then sold to carefully screened buyers. The proposal attempts to eliminate what the City terms “backyard breeders” in a misguided attempt to reduce pet populations.   Read AKC’s previous alert for more information.

The City Council will hold their meeting Thursday, March 19, 2020, at 6 PM at Primrose B, Palm Springs Convention Center, 277 N. Avenida Caballeros, Palm Springs, California 92262.

The American Kennel Club’s Government Relations Department has been working with the Kennel Club of Palm Springs to oppose this proposal.

We urge all concerned, responsible dog owners, and breeders who live in Palm Springs or who participate in Kennel Club of Palm Springs events to call and/or email the Mayor and City Council TODAY to express your concerns with the proposed breeding restrictions, which will not stop the illicit puppy trade and only harm responsible breeders.

Offices of the Mayor and City Council
3200 East Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Phone: (760) 323-8299

Geoff Kors, Mayor
District 3, term 12/2019 to 12/2022

Grace Elena Garner, Councilmember
District 1, term 12/2019 to 12/2022

Dennis Woods, Councilmember
District 2, term 12/2019 to 12/2022

Christy Holstege, Mayor Pro Tem
Elected At-Large (resides within District 4), term 12/2017 to 12/2020

Lisa Middleton, Councilmember
Elected At-Large (resides within District 5), term 12/2017 to 12/2020

Llubi Rios, (760) 323-8200, Offices of the Mayor and City Council

AKC Government Relations will provide more updates as they become available.  For more information, contact