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More than 100 emails to Massachusetts lawmakers from dog owners and parent breed club members were accompanied by a formal joint letter in opposition to HB 1822 and SB 989 and signed by AKC, the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation, the National Animal Interest Alliance, the New England Policemen Benevolent Association and the Boston Police Department.  Thank you for your grassroots advocacy!

On May 8, 2020, the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government DID NOT insert into animal cruelty law a definition of “outside and unattended” as longer than 15 minutes or a prohibition on the confinement of dogs irrespective of adequate shelter (including outdoor kennels), food, and water.   For a review of how breeds would have been negatively impacted by this text, read AKC GR’s prior alert here.


However, provisions from multiple animal bills under consideration by the committee were incorporated into a 14-page re-draft of SB 114 and favorably released.  AKC GR is reviewing the draft while waiting for a new number and committee assignment to be made.  For your convenience, AKC GR has created a mark-up of current Massachusetts law showing how the committee re-draft proposes to make changes to all kennels, catteries, boarding and daycare facilities.  It can be viewed here.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Please review the re-draft and alert club members and responsible dog owners in Massachusetts that, despite the unprecedented pandemic, the Massachusetts General Court is moving to enact changes to the state’s dog laws this session.  AKC GR will provide details in the near future on what actions are advised.

Need assistance or more information?  Contact AKC Government Relations at