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In the coming weeks, both Monroe Township and the Borough of Hillsdale in New Jersey will consider ordinances to restrict pet stores to selling only dogs sourced from shelters and rescues.

Monroe Township: On Monday, October 23, at 7PM, Monroe Township will consider Ordinance O:40-2023 entitled “Animal Control”, which will prohibit pet stores from selling dogs and cats.

Borough of Hillsdale: On Thursday, November 9, 2023, at 7PM, the Borough of Hillsdale will consider Ordinance 23-18 to prohibit the sale of dogs and cats in retail stores.

Residents in Monroe Township and the Borough of Hillsdale, along with all New Jersey residents concerned with further infringements on their ability to locally obtain a puppy from the source of their choice, are strongly encouraged to contact officials in the respective communities and urge opposition to these harmful proposals.

Retail pet sales bans and restrictions harm future pet owners and do nothing to improve animal welfare.  Retail bans:

  • Undermine or repeal consumer protections available to future pet owners,
  • Reduce the opportunity for future pet owners to obtain a pet that comes from a known and regulated source;
  • Incentivize the import of random source animals of unknown health and temperament status, potentially exacerbating local shelter population issues; and
  • Limits the choice of pets available.

A better solution is to ensure New Jersey’s broad consumer protection and cruelty laws, which hold accountable all who sell or transport dogs; and continuing to allow pet stores to source from all humane sources, including from licensed breeders.  Commercial breeders in and around New Jersey are already subject to USDA regulation and are required to follow all applicable state and federal animal welfare laws.

Additional Points and Resources:

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For more about retail pet sales, visit AKC’s key issue page on Pet Choice.

Email or call the following Monrow Township officials to request they oppose Ordinance O:40-2023:

Council President Carolann Fox (Ward 2)
(856) 728-9800 Ext. 229

Council Vice President Chelsea Valcourt (Ward 4)
(856) 728-9800 Ext. 233

Councilman Steven J. McKinney (Ward 1)
(856) 728-9800 Ext. 230

Councilman Donald Heverly (At-Large)
(856) 728-9800 Ext. 231

Councilman Patrick O’Reilly (At-Large)
(856) 728-9800 Ext. 227

Councilwoman Denise Adams (At-Large)
(856) 728-9800 Ext. 228

Councilman Ronald T. Garbowski (Ward 3)
(856) 728-9800 Ext. 232

Monroe Township residents are also strongly encouraged to attend the Monday, October 23, 2023, meeting of the Township Council to speak in opposition to Ordinance 4-2023.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7PM at the Municipal Building, 125 Virginia Avenue, Williamstown, New Jersey 08094.


Email the following Hillsdale officials to request they oppose Ordinance 23-18.
To email Mayor Ruocco:
To email the full council:
To email the Borough Clerk:

To send additional communications to Hillsdale officials, email:

Mayor John Ruocco –
Council President Janetta Trochimiuk –
Council Member Justin Fox –
Council Member Anthony DeRosa –
Council Member Zoltan Horvath –
Council Member Abby Lundy –
Council Member John Escobar –

Hillsdale residents are also strongly encouraged to attend the Thursday, November 9, 2023, meeting of the Borough Council to speak in opposition to Ordinance 23-18.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7PM in the Council Chambers at Borough Hall, 380 Hillsdale Avenue, Hillsdale, New Jersey 07642.

Contact the American Kennel Club’s Government Relations Department at