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The Colorado House Rural Affairs and Agriculture Committee has scheduled a hearing for Monday, February 3, on House Bill 20-1084, a bill that, as introduced, would limit consumer choice and protection,  and further regulates and makes sweeping, inaccurate assumptions and statements about breeders.

AKC also thanks the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, which recently joined the list of organizations opposed to this bill.  We appreciate their concern for appropriate regulation of pet breeders and the care of dogs in Colorado.  Read their statement on their website.

Colorado residents and those that have purchased dogs in Colorado are encouraged to contact the House Rural Affairs and Agriculture Committee prior to the February 3 hearing to express your concerns with House Bill 20-1084.

Read AKC’s previous alert for more details and talking points.  If you are a constituent, please be sure to mention that when contacting the committee:

Contact information for the CO House Rural Affairs and Agriculture Committee:

Representative Dylan Roberts (Chair)
Phone: 303-866-2923

Representative Donald Valdez (Vice Chair)
Phone: 303-866-2916

Representative Jeni James Arndt
Phone: 303-866-2917

Representative Bri Buentello
Phone: 303-866-2905

Representative Marc Catlin
Phone: 303-866-2955

Representative Richard Holtorf
Phone: 303-866-2398

Representative Julie McCluskie
Phone: 303-866-2952

Representative Rod Pelton
Phone: 303-866-3706

Representative Brianna Titone
Phone: 303-866-2962

Representative Perry Will
Phone: 303-866-2949

Representative Mary Young
Phone: 303-866-2929

AKC will continue to provide information as it becomes available.  For more information, contact the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs at or 303-842-1033, or AKC Government Relations at