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Two bills that seek to regulate dog breeders and sellers are on the agenda for the Arkansas House Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development Committee TOMORROW, March 17, 2017.

Dog owners and breeders in Arkansas are encouraged to contact members of the House Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development Committee TODAY to respectfully express concerns with both House Bill 1715 and House Bill 1717.  Please scroll down for contact information.

House Bill 1717, which has been deferred by the committee in previous meetings, seeks to require registration of every person who sells or offers to sell one dog in the state and advertises through “public media”.  Read AKC’s March 2nd alert about HB 1717.

House Bill 1715 seeks to establish regulations, inspections and fees for persons who own 5 or more female dogs capable of breeding and who annually sell 20 or more puppies raised on the premises. This bill would also regulate animal control agencies, shelters, rescue caregivers, and USDA licensed breeders; and would establish consumer protection provisions for dog purchasers.

Under HB 1715, the county sheriff in each county would establish operating standards and recordkeeping requirements for registrants, oversee inspections (which may be conducted by a veterinarian), and enforce these provisions. This would result in 75 different sets of rules and requirements for dog breeders, shelters, and rescue caregivers in the state.

Further, HB 1715 contains numerous undefined terms and requirements. Although the American Kennel Club (AKC) commends the sponsor for seeking to establish oversight of all persons and organizations that engage in the large-scale sales and transfers of dogs in Arkansas, we have significant concerns about HB 1715.

Please contact the members of the House Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development Committee TODAY and respectfully express your concerns with HB 1715 and HB 1717.  See contact information, below.

You may also wish to attend the committee meeting on March 17, 2017 9:00 a.m., Room 138, State Capitol Little Rock, Arkansas.

Rep. Dan M. Douglas (Chair)

Rep. David Hillman (Vice-Chair)

Rep. Fred Allen

Rep. Scott Baltz

Rep. Rick Beck

Rep. Mary Bentley

Rep. Ken Bragg

Rep. David L. Branscum

Rep. Karilyn Brown

Rep. Bruce Cozart

Rep. Jack Fortner

Rep. Lane Jean

Rep. Stephen Magie

Rep. Mark D. McElroy

Rep. Ron McNair

Rep. Stephen Meeks

Rep. Mathew W. Pitsch

Rep. Matthew J. Shepherd

Rep. Dan Sullivan

Rep. David Whitaker

AKC will continue to closely monitor this legislation. For more information, contact