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The Guilford County Board of Commissioners will consider changes to their animal control ordinance at a work session and commission meeting this week. According to the information we have at this time, public comment will NOT be accepted at those meetings, so it is imperative that concerned dog owners and breeders call or email the commissioners to inform them of their concerns.

AKC has received a copy of an unofficial draft which contains the following provisions:

  • Defines a “High-Volume Dog Breeder” as anyone owning more than 7 intact female dogs. (Regardless of how many – if any – are bred during a given year!)
  • Defines a “High-Volume Dog Retailer” as anyone who sells, resells or transfers more than 50 dogs per year.
  • Though the previous draft contained an exemption for those breeders and retailers who passed AKC’s rigorous kennel inspections, the new unofficial draft removes this provision.
  • Requires an inspection by the Guilford County Animal Control Department, meaning that those who meet these definitions will have to allow animal control unfettered access to their private homes and property without any proof of negligence or cruelty and without a warrant.

The proposed revisions would establish a massive new permitting and inspections program that will be costly to implement. Finding staff with the animal husbandry experience necessary to conduct inspections will be a daunting task. The rigid engineering standards for enclosures and runs may require investments of thousands of dollars to bring dog owners into compliance-even if they are abiding by current laws and there are not any problems with their animals.

Although the measure states that existing enclosures may be acceptable if they provide sufficient volume of space and the meet behavioral needs specified in the ordinance, this is entirely up to the discretion of animal control and this may not be applied consistently.

AKC understands that the impetus for these changes was the discovery and prosecution of a substandard kennel in the county last year. We believe the fact that this facility was successfully investigated, closed down, and the owner indicted on cruelty charges demonstrates that the existing laws are sufficient to address any problems of cruelty or neglect by irresponsible breeders in the community.

What You Can Do:

  • Contact the members of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners via email or phone and politely and respectfully inform them of your concerns with this proposal.

Commissioner Melvin (Skip) Alston
(336) 272-5779 – Business Number
(336) 854-2910 – Home Number

Commissioner Steve Arnold
(336) 887-8383 – Home Number

Commissioner Kay Cashion
(336) 273-2820 – Business Phone
(336)274-6272 – Home Number

Commissioner Carolyn Coleman
336) 202-0335 – Cellular Phone
(336) 674-4699 – Home Number

Commissioner Bruce Davis  
(336) 688-2431 – Cellular Phone
(336) 889-4356 – Home Number

Commissioner Paul Gibson
(336) 282-1114 – Office Phone
(336) 288-7280 – Home Number

Commissioner John Parks
(336) 878-7576 – Office Number
(336) 454-4254 – Home Number

Commissioner Kirk Perkins
(336) 697-0007 – Business Phone
(336) 697-9832 – Home Number

Commissioner Linda Shaw
(336) 641-3368 – County Number
(336) 855-7533 – Home Phone

Commissioner Mike Winstead, Jr.
(336) 389-9992 – Business Phone

Commissioner Billy Yow  
(336) 674-9198 – Business Phone
(336) 674-2149 – Home Number

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners will consider changes to their animal control ordinance…