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December 28, 2023

Beginning January 1, 2024, those that breed between 5 and 11 intact females must comply with the new law regulating breeders.  The law (SB 876 signed by Governor Abbot in May of this year) will require anyone that both owns 5 or more intact females and is engaged in the business of breeding those dogs for sale to secure a state license.

Information about the licensed breeder program can be found on the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) website.

As stated in a previous alert, AKC believes based on discussions with TDLR and with Governor Abbott’s staff that the law may only apply to someone that is actively breeding 5 or more intact females, and does not meet one of the exemptions, including producing dogs for conformation or hunting, among other purposes stated in the law. However, breeders with at least 5 intact females are encouraged to reach out to TDLR to determine if they must comply.

If you are uncertain if the law applies to you, please contact the TDLR Licensed Breeder Program at (512) 463-6599 or submit a webform to TDLR customer service HERE.


AKC has engaged with the TDLR over the last 6 months urging them to clarify the law and develop fair and reasonable regulations for those who own and breed between 5 and 11 intact females. AKC expects additional rules may be proposed in the coming months so please stay informed about the rulemaking process. The Department made some rule changes at a December 1 Commission meeting.

The new law exempts those that breed primarily for conformation purposes. Dogs bred with the primary intent of producing conformation dogs are exempt from this law. The exemptions will be determined on a dog-by-dog basis according to legal counsel for TDLR.  Dogs bred primarily for hunting, herding livestock, or other agriculture purposes, and for participation in other AKC events were already exempt from the law.

Once the law goes into effect, please let AKC Government Relations know how the law is being enforced by emailing us at  AKC relies heavily on responsible dog owners to inform us about the impact of legislation in their communities.

AKC Government Relations (GR) will provide updates on the Licensed Breeder Advisory Committee’s work as developments warrant.  For more information, contact AKC GR at