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Amendments to California Assembly Bill 1634, as made by the Senate Appropriations Committee, appeared in print today after several weeks of delay due to the legislative recess.  Now that the Senators have returned to Sacramento, work on bills has resumed.  Quick movement on bills is expected as the state constitution requires that all bills be voted on and sent to the governor by August 31st.

As anticipated, the most recent amendments remove Section 5 of the bill, which would have prohibited the State Controller from reimbursing local governments for the costs of impounding stray animals unless they complied with state reporting requirements.  In the AKC's view, this section of the bill was positive, as it would have required accurate reporting of animal control issues in a jurisdiction and the data therefrom would have offered government officials a clearer picture regarding these issues.  We believe that the deletion of this section only serves to make a bad bill worse by removing local government accountability.  Therefore, AKC continues to oppose this bill as written.

AB 1634 is currently on the Senate Third Reading File, and can be taken up for a vote at any time.  If the bill passes the Senate, it will be sent back to the Assembly for its concurrence in the Senate's amendments.  Upon the Assembly's concurrence, it then would be sent to Governor Schwarzenegger for his signature or veto.


California residents should contact their state Senator and express their opposition to AB 1634 as written. To find your senator, click here.

Please return to for the latest developments regarding AB 1634.  For additional information, please contact AKC's Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720, or e-mail

Amendments to California Assembly Bill 1634, as made by the Senate Appropriations Committee,…