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This week, the Delaware House of Representatives approved a bill to name rescue(d) dogs as the official state dog.

Senate Bill 37  passed the House of Representatives and designates rescue dogs as the official state dog.  The bill now goes to Governor John Carney for his signature.

While AKC certainly appreciate the intentions of the bill, the fact remains that rescue dogs and shelter dogs are not a breed of dog.  This designation celebrating and perpetuating rescue and shelter pets will do little to empty shelters and limit the number of dogs needing rescued (See AKC’s previous alert for more information).

Those wishing to contact Governor Carney’s office to comment on the bill are encouraged to do so by visiting his website and clicking the contact link at the top of the page.

AKC Government Relations continues to monitor legislation impacting dog owners in Delaware.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at