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A bill has been approved by the U.S. House Rules Committee that would allow dog and cat owners to take their dogs on Amtrak trains under certain circumstances. 

H.R. 749 is a comprehensive passenger train bill that in part would require Amtrak, when feasible, to designate at least one car where passengers may transport a dog or cat if the pet is in a kennel that can be stowed according to Amtrak’s requirements for carry-on baggage.

The bill would also allow passengers to transport dogs or cats as cargo if the pets are in a kennel and the cargo area is temperature controlled.  Passengers would be required to pay a fee to transport their pets on trains.  This would not preclude those already permitted to travel with legitimate service animals.

AKC GR supports this bill and thanks Congressman Jeff Denham for shepherding this measure that would allow dog owners new options for travel humanely and responsibly with their pets.

AKC urges dog owners to support this measure and to contact your member of Congress and ask them to support the Amtrak Pilot Program in HR 749 that would allow pet owners to travel on certain trains with their pets.

Visit and enter your zip code in the “Find Your Representative” box at the top of the page to find the name and contact information for your U.S. Representative.