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AB418 passed out of the Assembly Committee on Public Safety late yesterday afternoon. The bill, which would ban ear cropping of dogs, now moves to the Assembly Appropriations Committee for fiscal analysis and then on to the full Assembly.

Although several concerned fanciers attended yesterday's hearing, they were considerably outnumbered by supporters of AB418. Additionally, the bill analysis that will follow AB418 throughout its path in the legislature lists only three organizations – AKC, NAIA Trust and The Animal Council – and 22 individuals who opposed the legislation. Fanciers MUST speak up in greater numbers if we are to defeat this bill.

AKC will be posting new information as it becomes available. Please watch our web site for additional updates.

What You Can Do:

  • Fanciers should immediately contact their own Assembly member and ask him or her to oppose AB418. To find out who represents you in the California legislature, click here: It is critical that legislators hear from their own constituents!
  • Purebred dog owners should also contact their veterinarians and urge them not to support AB418. Point out that veterinarians should be concerned about allowing the government and public opinion too much control over their practices.
  • Share this information with other fanciers and dog clubs. We need everyone's help!


Other Points to Consider:

  • When appropriate veterinary care is provided, ear cropping is a safe, acceptable practice.
  • Owners, in close consultation with their veterinarians, should make informed decisions about their pets' health care—not the government.
  • Once legislators determine they can ban certain elective procedures, they may be just a short step away from removing veterinarians' and owners' rights to make informed decisions about animal care and treatment.

AB418 passed out of the Assembly Committee on Public Safety late yesterday afternoon. The bill,…