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Addressing concerns raised by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and other stakeholders, the Connecticut Joint Environment Committee has proposed a substitute bill to SB 234.  Among other provisions, the new substitute text in HB 5295, would require the Agriculture Commissioner to convene a working group to help develop a plan to create a state-wide online dog licensing portal.

The proposed working group, which AKC and other stakeholders are expected to be invited to participate in should the bill be enacted, is also expected to help determine the appropriateness of adjusting dog license fee rates and to help address privacy concerns that were raised by AKC at the committee’s March 7 hearing.

Last month, AKC issued a detailed action alert regarding SB 234 because its proposed changes to current kennel and dog license rules raised significant concerns.  The Committee decided to not advance those changes, and instead proposed substitute text for HB 5295.  Should HB 5295, as substituted, be enacted, the Department of Agriculture is expected to discuss the intended changes, as well as concerns raised at the March 7 public hearing, before returning a revised proposal to the legislature in 2023.

AKC appreciates both the Department of Agriculture and the committee for taking its concerns with SB 234 seriously, and is grateful to those who submitted testimony.  AKC supports the committee’s decision to favorably release the substitute bill, HB 5295, regarding its establishment of a working group.  The opportunity to provide the Department of Agriculture with suggestions that satisfactorily address their needs without creating negative unintended consequences is a valuable one.


  1. Anyone wishing to support the substitute bill, HB 5295, is encouraged to contact their state representative and state senator asking them to vote “yes”.
  2. To find your lawmakers’ contact information, click here and scroll down to “Find My Legislator’ in the middle of the page. Insert your town and street address.  Please include the bill number, HB 5295, as substituted, in the subject line and request support of bill with your name in the body of your email.

AKC Government Relations (AKC GR) will provide additional information as developments warrant.  For more information, contact AKC GR at