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This past week, State Representative David Millard introduced House Bill 594 which would restrict the governor’s disaster emergency power to shut down lawful recreational activities.

As written and subject to the capacity limitation of the facility, neither the Commonwealth nor any municipality may restrict or impose a limitation through an executive order, proclamation, regulation, resolution or ordinance or other official action  on the number of individuals who may lawfully gather or assemble during the COVID-19 disaster emergency.  The bill lists a number of events to which this would apply, including animal exhibitions, dog shows, State 4-H Club shows and National FFA Organization shows.


What You Can Do:

Since it is uncertain when restrictions due COVID-19 will be lifted in Pennsylvania, those who organize and/or participate in dog shows and event in Pennsylvania are encouraged to contact the following State Representatives.

When making your contacts, be certain to share any pertinent information regarding your participation in or hosting of dog shows and events and the positive impact such events have on hosting sponsors and the communities where the events are held.  For more information on communicating the benefit of dog events, view AKC’s 2019 “Economic Impact of AKC Dog Events in Pennsylvania” and our handout “It Pays to Support AKC Dog Shows”

Contact Representative David Millard and thank him for sponsoring this important legislation.

Contact Representative Karen Boback, Chair of the House Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee and ask her to bring the vote up for a full committee vote.

Contact the members of the Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee to voice your support of HB 594 and encourage them to request that the bill be brought up for a committee vote.

Contact your representative to make them aware of your support of HB 594 and encourage them to contact Representative Boback to have the bill brought up for a full committee vote.

AKC Government Relations continues to closely monitor this and several other bills under consideration by the General Assembly.  For questions or more information on how you can get involved in Pennsylvania, contact