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The Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently presented a comprehensive Animal Welfare Reform plan to the City Council. This eight-step plan includes a complete overhaul of the City’s Animal Ordinance.

While we do not yet know what this draft will include, other localities in the area have recently passed or are considering restrictive new laws, including mandatory spay/neuter.  A draft is expected within the coming weeks, and now is the perfect time for the city to hear from you!

AKC Government Relations is asking those who reside, have participated (or plan to participate) in events in Tulsa (including the National Obedience Championship, the Rally National Championship, or the National Agility Championship) to reach out to the council.  It is essential for the council to know the many responsible dog owners, breeders, and exhibitors could be impacted by any proposal, and the positive impact these owners have on the community. Thousands of responsible dog owners and exhibitors participate in AKC events in Tulsa each year, in addition to the many wonderful things local clubs and breeders are doing for dogs every day.

What you can do:

Tulsa-area dog owners and breeders, and exhibitors who participate in Tulsa events are encouraged to reach out to the Tulsa Mayor and City Council and share with them the importance of purebred dogs, responsible breeders, and dog sports.  Let them know if you are interested in participating in the conversation as they move forward.

Consider the following documents for additional talking points:
The Value of Responsible Breeders
Conformation Shows – More Than Just a Pretty Face
The Economic Benefits of AKC Dog Events

If your club is in Tulsa, be sure to mention any positive activities or actions you have taken to help the community.

Contact Information:
Mayor G.T. Byum;
Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper;, (918) 596-1921
Councilor Jeannie Cue;,  (918) 596-1922
Councilor David Patrick, Chair;, (918) 596-1923
Councilor Blake Ewing;, (918) 596-1924
Councilor Karen Gilbert;, (918) 596-1925
Councilor Connie Dodson;, (918) 596-1926
Councilor Arianna Moore (Interim);,   (918) 596-1927
Councilor Phil Lakin, Jr., Council Vice-Chair;, (918) 596-1928
Councilor Ben Kimbro;, (918) 596-1929

AKC Government Relations will continue to monitor these issues and provide more details in the coming weeks as they become available. For questions or more information, contact