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AKC Chairman Ron Menaker, a New Jersey resident, has taken the lead in writing a letter to his Assembly members to oppose New Jersey Assembly Bill 3401 which would essentially outlaw responsible breeding in the state. To read Chairman Menaker's letter, please click here.

AKC is asking fanciers to assist in defeating this anti-breeding legislation. To find out the details of A3401, please click here to read our Legislative Alert. It is essential that legislators hear from their constituents regarding this important issue.

In recent conversations with legislators, AKC has become aware that some communications with elected officials are being conducted in a less than respectful manner. It is important to remember that each and every time a fancier contacts a legislator, on the phone, or via mail or email, they are representing the entire dog fancy. It is vital that AKC and the dog fancy be perceived as well-spoken, thoughtful contributors on animal legislation. Although these issues can be quite emotional, it is imperative that we remain polite and respectful at all times.

The AKC Canine Legislation Department has assembled guides to help fanciers communicate effectively with their representatives. Make Your Contact Count assists fanciers in ascertaining the proper forms of address and style to use when writing or emailing elected officials. Disagree Diplomatically helps concerned dog owners to frame arguments so that they are effective and well-received.

AKC knows that the dog fancy can be an effective lobbying machine and that by concentrating our efforts on dangerous bills like A3401, we can educate lawmakers about responsible breeding practices and preserve our rights to own and breed purebred dogs.

AKC Chairman Ron Menaker, a New Jersey resident, has taken the lead in writing a letter to his…