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The New York Assembly and Senate continue to advance bills that will provide new regulations regarding dogs being imported into the state for sale, and also numerous new requirements regarding the care of dogs at New York shelters.

Those who wish to comment on these bills may do so at the links provided below.


As stated in a previous alert, Senate Bill 6870/A.6246 contain numerous new requirements to ensure the appropriate care of animals at shelters.  They also include some requirements for those who provide foster care for animals in shelters.

These bills also outline new requirements for any dog or cat imported into New York “for sale, resale or adoption”.  Current law requires a health certificate for dogs entering New York State for sale, resale, or adoption.  In addition, the dog must have a rabies vaccination unless it is under three months of age.

Under these bills, any person in the state who is receiving a dog for one of these purposes must hold the dog for 48 hours.  If during this period the dog demonstrates signs of any infectious, contagious, parasitic, or communicable disease, then the animal must be taken immediately to the veterinarian and quarantined (if necessary) until the animal is declared free of disease.

Dogs temporarily entering the state for exhibition for fewer than 15 days are exempted, so long as the dog is vaccinated for rabies (if over three months old) and is properly restrained and under the immediate control of the owner.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) appreciates that this bill will ensure the proper care and transportation of dogs at shelters, and also that it will protect public health by requiring this brief quarantine period to ensure the health of dogs coming into the state.  We also are grateful for the clarification that dogs coming into the state for shows and competitions do not need to be quarantined, so long as they are under proper control of their owner or handler.

What You Can Do:
Both bills have passed policy committees and are pending in the Rules Committees.  There are only a few weeks left in session and the bills could be voted on very soon.  Those who wish may contact their Assemblymember and Senator on these bills using the following links.  Be sure to mention you are a constituent when contacting your lawmakers:

A. 6246 – Use the Member Search tool on the State Assembly website to find the name and contact information for your Assemblymember.

S. 6870 – Use the “Find Your Senator” tool on the New York Senate website to find the name and contact information for your State Senator.

AKC Government Relations (GR) will continue to closely monitor all bills impacting New York dog owners.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at