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House Bill 1152, among other provisions, seeks to allow the emergency transport of an injured police dog if there is no person requiring immediate medical attention or transport at the time, limit liability of the transporter, and allow a court to require the person who caused the injury to be responsible for costs of emergency transport.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) values the contribution that working and detection dogs make to national security and the extraordinary role that these dogs play in protecting the peace and security of individuals, communities, and nations.  AKC honors the breeders, trainers, and handlers of these dogs.  AKC Government Relations supports HB 1152 as currently amended.

HB 1152 has already passed in the House and has been referred to the Senate Agriculture, Forestry & Economic Development Committee.


Contact members of the Arkansas Senate Agriculture, Forestry & Economic Development Committee and respectfully encourage their support of HB 1152.

Committee Members

Sen. Ronald Caldwell, (501) 682-2917,
Sen. Ricky Hill, (501) 682-6107,
Sen. Greg Leding, (501) 682-6107,
Sen. Ben Gilmore, (501) 682-6107,
Sen. Bill Sample , (501) 682-2917,
Sen. James Sturch, (501) 682-6107,
Sen. Charles Beckham, (501) 682-6107,
Sen. David Wallace, (501) 682-6107,

Thank the sponsors of HB 1152 for their support for the well-being of working dogs:

Lead Sponsor:

Rep. Jimmy Gazaway, 870-215-1243,

Other Primary Sponsor:

Sen. David Wallace, 870-919-8046,  (Sen. Wallace is also a committee member, see above)


Rep. Deborah Ferguson, 870-735-7098,
Rep. Jack Fortner, 870-656-7664,
Sen. Missy Irvin, 870-269-2703,
Rep. Jack Ladyman, 870-340-7499,

For additional information, please contact AKC Government Relations at 919-816-3720 or