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Yesterday, July 8, 2024, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro signed legislation that addresses concerns regarding out-of-state dogs entering boarding kennels in the Commonwealth.  The new law will go into effect on September 6, 2024.

Recent changes to Pennsylvania’s Dog Law (Act 18 of 2023), a certified certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) from a dog’s home state is required in order for the dog to be boarded in Pennsylvania licensed boarding kennel.

As the result of changes brought about by SB 82, the CVI requirement has been eliminated so long as the dog is boarded for 30 days or less; is privately owned; and ownership of the dog does not transfer to another person after the dog enters the boarding kennel.

The final version of SB 82 also addresses concerns raised by breed rescues and other kennels regarding quarantine requirements for out-of-state dogs when they enter the Pennsylvania and provides alternatives to some of the requirements in the Pennsylvania Dog Law.

AKC thanks the lawmakers and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture who took the time to meet with us to discuss our concerns and work for solutions that are in the best interest of dogs and responsible dog owners.  We also thank the Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs, club members, and handlers who took the time to contact their lawmakers about this issue.

The new law will go into effect on September 6, 2024.

For information on enforcement of the CVI requirements prior to the effective date, contact either the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement or the local dog warden.

AKC GR and our partner the Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs will continue to monitor Pennsylvania and local municipality legislation that impact the rights of dog owners and the dogs they love.

For more information, contact AKC’s Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720, or email