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AB418 has been set for hearing in the Assembly Committee on Public Safety on Tuesday, April 5th at 9 a.m. in Room 126. The Animal Council is urging dog clubs to submit formal letters on their own letterhead to the committee consultant. Letters should be clearly marked “AB 418 – Dogs: animal cruelty: ear cropping -OPPOSITION” and addressed to:

The Honorable Mark Leno
Chair, Assembly Public Safety Committee
1020 N Street, Room 111
Sacramento CA 94814
(916) 319-3744
Attention: Kimberly A. Horiuchi, Committee Consultant

Individual fanciers should also send opposition letters to all committee members. Contact information is listed below. All letters must be received by March 30th in order to be noted in the bill analysis. Fanciers are further encouraged to attend the hearing if possible.

Please share this information with fellow dog owners at club meetings and dog shows. We need everyone's help!

March 16, 2005

AKC has learned that a veterinarians' extremist animal rights group recently mailed action alerts to veterinarians across California pressuring them to support AB418, Asm. Paul Koretz's bill to ban ear cropping. The inflammatory postcards contain several statements designed to mislead the veterinary community.

It is critical that California veterinarians, as well as legislators, hear from a responsible, reasonable resource on AB418 and other animal legislation in the state. Fanciers are therefore strongly encouraged to contact their own veterinarians and urge them not to support this bill. Veterinarians should be concerned about allowing the government and public opinion too much control over their practices. Once legislators determine they can ban certain elective procedures, they may be just a short step away from removing veterinarians' and owners' rights to make informed decisions about animal care and treatment.

Concerned fanciers are also urged to contact their own state representatives and ask them to oppose AB418. To find out who represents you in the California legislature, click here: Your voice is especially important if your representative sits on the Assembly Committee on Public Safety, where AB418 has been referred. Membership is listed below.

Keep in mind that legislators need to hear from their constituents! Please share this alert with your fellow dog owners and ask them to get involved. AKC will post updates as soon as they become available. An alert will also be mailed to all affiliated dog clubs in California.

Assembly Committee on Public Safety

Asm. Mark Leno (D) [Chair]
Phone:916/319-2013, FAX:916/319-2113, Email:

Asm. Jay La Suer (R) [Vice Chair]
Phone:916/319-2077, FAX:916/319-2177, Email:

Asm. Rebecca Cohn (D)
Phone:916/319-2024, FAX:916/319-2124, Email:

Asm. Mervyn Dymally (D)
Phone:916/319-2052, FAX:916/319-2152, Email:

Asm. Jackie Goldberg (D)
Phone:916/319-2045, FAX:916/319-2145, Email:

Asm. Ira Ruskin (D)
Phone:916/319-2021, FAX:916/319-2121, Email:

Asm. Tod Spitzer (R)
Phone:916/319-2071, FAX:916/319-2171, Email:

AB418 has been set for hearing in the Assembly Committee on Public Safety on Tuesday, April…