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The Onondaga County Legislature Public Safety Committee will consider new regulations regarding tethering during its hearing tomorrow (Tuesday, March 6).

Two separate proposals are expected to be considered:

“Proposal A” would prohibit anyone from tethering a dog outdoors for more than 2 hours when the temperature is lower than 32 degrees or higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Although it does exempt situations where a dog is on a leash and under direct supervision, AKC believes that specific temperature requirements are arbitrary and do not consider the needs of specific breeds that may thrive in temperatures outside these ranges, or those dogs that may not be able to tolerate even these temperatures.  AKC instead believes that dogs should never be tethered outside in a situation or manner that could jeopardize their health and safety.

“Proposal B” states that if an animal is left outdoors, it should be provided with adequate shelter, apparel or other protection from inclement weather appropriate to its breed, physical condition, and the climate.  AKC, its New York federation, and local clubs are requesting clarifying amendments, but AKC believes this is a more positive approach that would protect the health and welfare of dogs while still allowing for humane and appropriate tethering.

Read AKC’s blog on tethering for more talking points and considerations on this issue.

What You Can Do:

  • Attend the legislative hearing on Tuesday, March 2, and express your comments and concerns. Ask the Legislature to focus on laws that will not allow an animal to be left in conditions that jeopardize its health and safety.  The hearing information is as follows:

    Onondaga County Legislature
    Council Chambers
    Tuesday, March 6, 2018
    1:00 pm
    *AKC has learned that these items will be considered at the end of the agenda, and that the public is welcome to attend.  

  • Contact the Onondaga County Legislature and respectfully express your concerns with Proposal A. Ask the Legislature to instead focus on laws that will not allow an animal to be left in conditions that jeopardize its health and safety.  Visit the Legislature website for the names and contact information for the members.  If you have a specific example of a situation where you would humanely tether a dog when the temperature is outside the temperature ranges outlined in Proposal A, please be sure to include that in your communication.

AKC Government Relations will continue to closely monitor these proposals and provide more information as it becomes available.  For more information, contact AKC GR at