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Please share this legislative alert with animal owners in Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky. This information is important for residents who might in the future find it necessary to rehome their pets.

A problematic and overreaching proposed animal ordinance is scheduled to be introduced at the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Council meeting on Thursday, September 23, 2021. According to council staff, no vote will be taken on Thursday. The proposal will be referred for consideration by the Public Safety Committee at an upcoming committee meeting.

The proposed ordinance would, among other provisions, define every person and entity that sells, transfers, or breeds more than one dog, cat or ferret from a residential property in a 12-month period as a “residential breeder.” This definition would include individuals who sell/transfer more than one dog, cat, or ferret during a 12-month period, regardless if that person is the breeder of an animal that is sold/transferred.

Individuals defined as “residential breeders” under this problematic definition would be required to obtain a $50 annual license/permit and be inspected by Metro Animal Services. It is unclear if a residential breeder license or permit could be issued to a home-based “residential breeder” on property zoned for residential use pursuant to the Louisville Metro Land Development Code, which supersedes the proposed ordinance.

Entities, organizations, and persons that hold a license/permit issued by Metro Animal Services as a kennel, cattery, pet shop, animal breeder, animal welfare group shelter, and certain other regulated entities would not be required to obtain additional licensure/permitting as a residential breeder.

Additional provisions of the proposed ordinance include, but are not limited to:

  • Microchipping of dogs and cats would be required for animals 4 months of age and older, subject to veterinary exemption.
  • Extensive requirements for reporting to Metro Animal Services the sale/transfer of a dog, cat or ferret and updating microchipping records of dogs and cats would be established.
  • In addition to recording the owner’s name and address and the dog, cat or ferret’s date of vaccination, age, species, gender, breed, and color, Metro Animal Services would be empowered to collect “any other information deemed necessary” for purposes of the ordinance. Additional powers would be granted to Metro Animal Services and to the Director of Metro Animal Services under various sections of the proposal.
  • It is unclear under what circumstances property owners could be cited for violations by tenants, or if citations could be issued against the property rather than the offender.

View the proposed ordinance.

What you can do:

Following the  Metro Council Meeting on September 23, 2021 animal owners are urged to contact members of the Public Safety Committee to discuss their concerns and objections.

Committee member contact information:

Jessica Green, Chair, (502) 574-1101,,

James Peden, Vice Chair, (502) 574-1123,

Barbara Shanklin, (502) 574-1102,

Madonna Flood, (502) 574-1124,

Marilyn Parker, (502) 574-1118,

Mark H. Fox, (502) 574-1113,

Nicole George, (502) 574-1121,

Constituents can also send messages to committee members via an online form.

Please contact or 919-816-3720 for additional information.