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Senate Bill 876 was heard yesterday in the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice. The bill was left pending in the committee after several senators expressed concern and urged the sponsor to work with AKC to find some common ground.  A staff member from the AKC GR team attended the hearing and testified against the bill. A link to the previous alert on this legislation can be found here.

AKC outreach efforts were successful as the committee and the sponsor State Senator Pete Flores received many calls and emails in opposition to SB 876. As a result, the sponsor has agreed to meet with AKC to address our concerns with the bill and we greatly appreciate his willingness to work with us.

AKC recognizes and thanks the hobbyists from across the state that traveled to Austin to testify in opposition to the bill. These hobbyists took time away from work and from their dogs to educate the committee about the rigors of responsible dog ownership and responsible breeding practices. We also thank all who submitted witness cards, made phone calls, and sent emails.  Your voice and commitment to the preservation of your chosen breeds and the advancement of purebred dogs is what has made the difference!

How to Help

Contact the bill sponsor of both SB 876 and HB 2238 and respectfully urge them to work with AKC to advance statewide consumer protection laws in place of changing the commercial breeder licensing threshold. Consumer protection laws, also know as “puppy lemon laws”, hold all sellers accountable and protect the pet buying public.

Sponsor Contact Information SB 876:

State Senator Pete Flores
(512) 463-0124

Sponsor Contact Information HB 2238:

State Rep Brad Buckley
(512) 463-0684

More information on consumer protection laws can be found HERE.

AKC GR continues to monitor Texas legislation impacting dog owners and will continue to provide updates as necessary.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at