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On Tuesday, March 5, at 1PM, the New Hampshire House Environment and Agriculture Committee is scheduled to consider HB 1102, “Defining Animal Cruelty,” in a public hearing.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) and the New Hampshire Dogs Owners of the Granite State (NH DOGS) are in strong opposition to HB 1102, which describes brachycephaly as a “birth deformity that causes suffering” and would CRIMINALIZE the sale and breeding of brachycephalic dogs and any dog that could be claimed to have a birth deformity. While it may appear that this bill only targets a subset of breeders, its expansive language actually targets breeders of all dogs.

Talking Points in Opposition to HB 1102 (As Introduced):

  • HB 1102 will devastate New Hampshire’s ability to produce purebred dogs and will establish a dangerous precedent for radical legislative proposals around the country.
  • HB 1102 inaccurately concludes that all brachycephalic animals, including dogs, suffer from serious health issues. In reality, brachycephaly does not equal unhealthy. Across all dog types, multiple factors can contribute to differences in dogs’ breathing, including physical condition, environment, and genetics. Nevertheless, all breeding of brachycephalic breeds–regardless of respiratory quality, breeder background, fancier status, or club affiliation—will be a criminal act under HB 1102, which will have a chilling effect on all responsible dog breeding.
  • HB 1102 inaccurately implies that all who breed dogs do so without regard for the dogs’ welfare. Facts demonstrate that responsible purebred dog breeders are passionate about both preserving breed characteristics and producing healthier successive generations
  • Protecting and promoting responsible breeders and the puppies they produce is a better solution than threatening them with criminal prosecution based on inaccurate information that creates a perverse incentive for New Hampshire residents to buy puppies online that are not protected by New Hampshire consumer protection laws.
  • By banning intentional breeding when a “birth deformity causes suffering”, HB 1102 targets all breeds regardless of phenotype. Breeding dogs is part art and part science; and despite best efforts, chance plays a part when it comes to inherited disease or health conditions.
  • HB 1102 is unconstitutionally vague. There is no way to know for each breed type how the provisions of HB 1102 would be interpreted and enforced.


All breeders, owners, and residents, along with all AKC-affiliated clubs in New Hampshire are strongly encouraged to contact committee members by email prior to March 5 and, if possible, attend the public hearing in person to demonstrate opposition to HB 1102. Please share your experiences and concerns and feel free to use the talking points above in sharing your opposition to HB 1102.

  • For all: Use “Oppose HB 1102” in your email subject line.

New Hampshire residents: In your email, identify what city/town you’re emailing from.

Parent clubs: If you have not yet done so, send email with statement of opposition on club letterhead and share that your club is the national expert organization of your breed.

Committee members may be individually contacted as follows:

State Representative Judy Aron, Chair –

State Representative Jim Creighton, Vice Chair –

State Representative Barbara Comtois, Clerk –

State Representative Kevin Verville –

State Representative Arnold Davis –

State Representative Jacob Brouillard –

State Representative Matthew Coulon –

State Representative Catherine Kenny –

State Representative Kelley Potenza –

State Representative Lisa Smart –

State Representative Peter Bixby –

State Representative Catherine Sofikitis –

State Representative Sherry Dutzy –

State Representative Megan Murray –

State Representative Nicholas Germana –

State Representative Linda Haskins –

State Representative Molly Howard –

State Representative Allison Knab –

State Representative Corine Morse –

State Representative Paige Beauchemin –

  • Anyone opposed can also register their opinion and upload/submit testimony to NH House Environment and Agriculture Committee via this online platform up until midnight on March 4, 2024. Please note that Information and testimony submitted on this form is entered into the public record for each piece of legislation and will be considered public records subject to disclosure under New Hampshire’s Right to Know Law. Do not submit any personal information you do not wish to disclose publicly.
  • Those in opposition to HB 1102 are strongly encouraged to appear alongside representatives of AKC and NH DOGS at the March 5 committee hearing to express their opposition. HB 1102 is scheduled to be considered at 1PM in Room 301-303 of the Legislative Office Building, 33 North State Street, Concord, New Hampshire 03301.  When you arrive, sign in stating your opposition and fill out a pink card if you would like to speak.


AKC and NH DOGS strongly encourage you to join in the fight against this radical legislation.  For more information on HB 1102 or how you can help in the fight against it, contact AKC Government Relations at or NH DOGS at