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Tomorrow, April 14, Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture, Glenn “GT” Thompson (PA-15), will host a Farm Bill listening session in Binghamton, New York.

AKC GR urges all responsible NY dog owners to weigh in, using the link to the feedback form below.  Scroll down for more information about the event.


Rep. Thompson will be joined by Rep. Marc Molinaro (NY-19), along with Members of the House Committee on Agriculture. The event will bring together farmers, ranchers, producers, agribusiness owners, and other stakeholders to solicit public feedback—an integral part of the Farm Bill reauthorization process. All members of the House Agriculture Committee have been invited to participate as well as the New York Congressional delegation. 

What you can do:

Please ask the committee to consider two priorities for the 2023 Farm Bill: Protecting responsible dog owners and breeders from overreaching and ineffective regulation, and protecting public and canine health.

Use your own words to fill out the questions in the form.    

  1. Identify yourself as a New York resident, speaking as a responsible dog owner/ breeder.
  2. Regarding programs to be included in the farm bill: Ask them to prioritize enforcement of existing Animal Welfare Act regulations for dog breeders, not additional one-size-fits- all requirements such as those in HR 1624 or HR 1788 (the “Puppy Protection Act”) that can have harmful unintended consequences on dogs and responsible breeding programs.
  3. Regarding new programs or ideas: Ask them to include language from the Healthy Dog Importation Act (HR 1184/S 502) in the Farm Bill, to ensure that all dogs imported into the United States are free from harmful contagious diseases or parasites that threaten US pet and public health.
  4. Regarding additional information: Please note that recent, new breeder licensing rules, scheduled for full implementation in October 2024, should be fully implemented and outcomes assessed before adding additional requirements.

Submit your Farm Bill comments and feedback here.

For more information about the Healthy Dog Importation Act, click here.

For more information about the Puppy Protection Act, click here.

More information about the event:

WHO: Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson (PA-15), Rep. Marc Molinaro (NY-19), Rep. Claudia Tenney (NY-24), Rep. Nick Langworthy (NY-23), Rep. Derrick Van Orden (WI-03)

WHAT: Farm Bill Listening Session

WHEN: Friday, April 14 at 10:00 AM ET

WHERE: Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County
Agriculture Development Center
840 Upper Front Street #2, Binghamton, NY 13905

LIVE STREAM: Click here to tune into the live stream on the day of the event.

Submit your Farm Bill feedback here.