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The New York Assembly Codes Committee will consider a bill on April 16 that would prohibit insurance companies from denying, cancelling or raising premium rates for homeowners' insurance based on the breed of dog owned by the policyholder.

All responsible dog owners and breeders in New York are encouraged to contact the Assembly Codes Committee, as well as your State Assemblymember, and ask them to support Assembly Bill 3952.

Read AKC's previous legislative alert for more information and talking points on A. 3952.

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To find the name and contact information for your New York State Assemblymember, click here and type in your address. A full list of Assemblymember e-mail addresses can be found here.

Assembly Codes Committee Contact Information:

Joseph Lentol (Chair)
Albany Office: 518-455-4477
Brooklyn District Office: 718-383-7474
E-mail Form

Thomas Abinanti
Albany Office: 518-455-5753
Tarrytown District Office: 914-631-1605

James Brennan
Albany Office: 518-455-5377
Brooklyn District Office: 718-788-7221 or 718-940-0641

Vivian Cook
Albany Office: 518-455-4203
Jamaica District Office: 718-322-3975

Steven Cymbrowitz
Albany Office: 518-455-5214
Brooklyn District Office: 718-743-4078
E-mail Form

Joseph Giglio
Albany Office: 518-455-5241
Olean District Office: 716-373-7103

Al Graf
Albany Office: 518-455-5937
Bayport District Office: 631-589-8685

Charles Lavine
Albany Office: 518-455-5456
Glen Cove District Office: 516-676-0050
E-mail Form

Tom McKevitt
Albany Office: 518-455-5341
East Meadow District Office: 516-228-4960
E-mail Form

Michael Montesano
Albany Office: 518-455-4684
Hicksville District Office: 516-937-3571
E-mail Form

Walter Mosley
Albany Office: 518-455-5325
Brooklyn District Office: 718-596-0100

Daniel O'Donnell
Albany Office: 518-455-5603
New York City District Office: 212-866-3970
E-mail Form

N. Nick Perry
Albany Office: 518-455-4166
Brooklyn District Office: 718-385-3336
E-mail Form

J. Gary Pretlow
Albany Office: 518-455-5291
Yonkers District Office: 914-375-0456
Mt. Vernon District Office: 914-667-0127
E-mail Form

Edward Ra
Albany Office: 518-455-4627
Garden City District Office: 516-535-4095

Robin Schimminger
Albany Office: 518-455-4767
Kenmore District Office: 716-873-2540
E-mail Form

Claudia Tenney
Albany Office: 518-455-5334
Westmoreland District Office: 315-853-2383

Michele Titus
Albany Office: 518-455-5668
Far Rockaway District Office: 718-327-1845
South Ozone Park District Office: 718-322-4958

Helene Weinstein
Albany Office: 518-455-5462
Brooklyn District Office: 718-648-4700
E-mail Form

David Weprin
Albany Office: 518-455-5806
Fresh Meadows District Office: 718-454-3027

Keith L. T. Wright
Albany Office: 518-455-4793
New York City District Office: 212-866-5809
E-mail Form

Kenneth Zebrowski
Albany Office: 518-455-5735
New City District Office: 845-634-9791
E-mail Form

For questions or more information, contact the AKC Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720 or

The New York Assembly Codes Committee will consider a bill on April 16 that would prohibit insurance…