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Today, the Pennsylvania Senate Agriculture and Rural Affaires Committee unanimously adopted an amendment requested and drafted by the AKC to remove language requiring an interstate certificate of veterinary inspection for anyone coming into the Commonwealth for dog events or hunting.  Instead, the bill maintains the current exemption for those entering Pennsylvania for under 30 days.

AKC thanks the Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs and all those who took the time to quickly contact Senator Elder Vogel (Chair of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee and sponsor of the bill), as well as members of the committee, to share concerns and request the amendment to reinstate the exemption.

Without this approved amendment, all who come to Pennsylvania to participate in dog related events or hunting would have had to first obtain an interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, which is only valid for 30 days.  Such a change would have had a significant impact on those who participate in dog events, as well as the events themselves.

Senate Bill 746 as amended was voted out of the Committee and has been given first consideration in the Senate.  For additional information on Senate Bill 746, please see the previous alert.

Under current law, any person may bring one or more dogs for show, trial, or breeding purposes or as a household pet without securing a Pennsylvania license.  In addition, any person holding a Pennsylvania nonresident hunting license may bring into the State one or more dogs for a period of 30 days for the purpose of hunting game during any hunting season when hunting with dogs is permitted.  Further, this exemption extends to a provision requiring a certificate of health prepared by a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

AKC is aware that companion legislation, House Bill 1322 was introduced on June 5.  In conversations with House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee staff, AKC has been assured that should the bill be placed on a committee meeting schedule, the same amendment will be added to ensure this exemption remains as is in current law.

AKC Government Relations will continue to closely monitor this bill and communicate with the General Assembly.  For more information, contact