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Alabama House Bill 235, which seeks to authorize food service establishments to allow pet dogs in outdoor restaurant seating areas if the company wishes to do so, continues to advance. It has already passed in the House and will next be voted on by the Senate Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development. The bill could appear on the committee’s agenda as early as Wednesday, March 10, 2021. Dog owners who support this legislation are encouraged to send messages of support to committee members urging them to vote yes on HB 235. Please scroll down for contact information.

For more information on HB 235, view AKC’s 2/8/21 legislative alert in support of this legislation.

Committee Contact Information:

 Senator Steve Livingston, (334) 261-0858,
Senator Garlan Gudger, (334) 261-0855,
Senator Vivian Figures, (334) 261-0871,
Senator Malika Sanders-Fortier, (334) 261-0860,
Senator Dan Roberts, (334) 261-0856,
Senator Will Barfoot, (334) 261-0895,
Senator Arthur Orr, (334) 261-0758,
Senator Shay Shelnutt, (334) 261-0794,
Senator Clyde Chambliss, (334) 261-0872,
Senator Clay Scofield, (334) 261-0876,
Senator Tom Butler, (334) 261-0884,
Senator Andrew Jones, (334) 261-0857,
Senator Greg J.  Reed (334) 261-0894,

Please also take a moment to thank Rep. Steve McMillan for sponsoring HB 235 at (334) 261-0523 or

For more information, please contact AKC Government Relations at or 919-816-3720.