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New York Assembly Bill 6244 and Senate Bill 4993 will allow responsible dog owners more opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and socialization with their well-behaved pets, while still protecting and respecting the ability of all New Yorkers to enjoy state parks.  New York residents are encouraged to use the information below to contact your state lawmakers and the bill sponsors to express support for these bills.


Studies show that over 2.7 million New York households own a dog.  Increasingly, pet owners are seeking opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities – and the health benefits that come from them – with their four-footed family members.

Two bills pending in the New York General Assembly would allow responsible dog owners to bring their dogs to New York State parks, allowing them more opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and socialization with well-behaved pets.

Assembly Bill 6244 and Senate Bill 4993 would:

  • Require that dogs be allowed in public parks during public hours, so long as they are leashed or in an area specifically designated for dogs to be unleashed, but under their owner’s control.
  • Require that waste stations be made available, and that all owners clean up after their dogs
  • Protect the enjoyment and safety of all park visitors by allowing for regulations that restrict the times of day/times of year for dogs to be allowed, and access to public beaches, playgrounds, swimming areas, etc.
  • Protect wildlife by restricting access to certain areas
  • Allow for additional regulations to ensure the safety of dogs, dog owners, and all park visitors, including vaccination requirements, regulations for dangerous dogs, and enforcement for dog owners not complying with the rules.

New Yorkers are encouraged to do the following to help support these bills:

1) Contact your State Assemblyperson and State Senator and ask them to support A. 6244 and S. 4993.
Visit and type your zip code in the “Find Officials” box to get their names and contact information.

2) Contact the bill sponsors.  Thank them for sponsoring these bills and let them know your support:

Senate Bill 4993- Sen. Monica Martinez

Assembly Bill 6244 – Asm. Steve Stern

For questions or more information, contact AKC Government Relations at or visit the Long Island Dog Owners Group (LI-DOG) at