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House Bill 1883, the Working Animal Protection Act, was approved in the House and now crosses over to the Senate Agriculture, Forestry & Economic Development Committee. Your continued and immediate support of this bill is needed.

The 2021 Arkansas legislative session ends soon.  Rules have been suspended, and bills are passing—or dying—very quickly.  Owners, handlers, and exhibitors of working and competition animals are urged to immediately contact members of the Senate Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources Committee and your state Senators and respectfully ask them to fast track passage of HB 1883.

To recap, among other provisions, HB 1883 would guarantee the right to utilize a working animal.  It also would state that an ordinance or resolution shall not be enacted by a municipality that terminates, bans, or creates an undue hardship relating to the job or use of a working animal or animal enterprise in commerce, service, legal hunting, agriculture, husbandry, transportation, ranching, entertainment, education, or exhibition.

The bill would not alter or restrict state or municipal laws regarding animal care, public health, public safety, cruelty laws, or zoning provisions. Certain production livestock are excluded. Click here to read AKC’s April 16 post on HB 1883.


Take action NOW in support of this bill.  HB 1883 passed in the House yesterday afternoon (4/19/20). It next will be considered in Senate Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources Committee, and then voted on by the full Senate. This could happen as early as today (4/20/20) or soon after.  Contact committee members and state Senators IMMEDIATELY and ask them to fast track passage of HB 1883.

To find out who represents your district, visit, scroll down to “Find Officials,” and enter your address.

The capitol phone numbers for all Senators are similar.  Additional phone numbers may be available for some Senators at

Contact Information for Arkansas Senators:

Members of the Senate Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources Committee are in bold type.

Sen. Jimmy Hickey, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Scott Flippo, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Keith Ingram, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Bob Ballinger, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Charles Beckham, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Ronald Caldwell, (501)682-2917,

Sen. Linda Chesterfield, (501)682-2917,

Sen. Alan Clark, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Breanne Davis, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Jonathan Dismang, (501)682-2917,

Sen. Lance Eads, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Joyce Elliott, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Jane English, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Stephanie Flowers, (501)682-2917,

Sen. Trent Garner, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Ben Gilmore, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Kim Hammer, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Jim Hendren, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Bart Hester, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Ricky Hill, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Missy Irvin, (501)682-2917,

Sen. Mark Johnson, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Blake Johnson, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Greg Leding, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Mathew Pitsch, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Jason Rapert, (501)682-2917,

Sen. Terry Rice, (501)682-2917,

Sen. Bill Sample, (501)682-2917,

Sen. Gary Stubblefield, (501)682-6107,

Sen. James Sturch, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Dan Sullivan, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Larry Teague, (501)682-6107,

Sen. Clarke Tucker, (501)682-6107,

Sen. David Wallace, (501)682-6107,

For additional information, please contact AKC Government Relations at 919-816-3720 or