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House Bill 1468 has passed the Indiana General Assembly and been signed by Governor Mitch Daniels. When the bill passed the House of Representatives, it contained numerous egregious provisions including limits on dog ownership, restrictive breeding ages, stringent care and conditions, and consumer protection provisions that provided no recourse for the breeder.

Thanks to the work of many Indiana fanciers and breeders, as well as leadership by Representative Ralph Foley and Senator Brent Steele, the bill was significantly amended to remove these provisions. The result is a bill that does not punish responsible breeders or infringe on their rights. Click here to read the final version of House Bill 1468.

The American Kennel Club worked closely with many Indiana fanciers, dog clubs, and breeders and provided talking points, statistics, and suggesting legislative alternatives. The AKC also posted numerous legislative alerts, sample letters for constituents and sent letters to key legislative committees and legislators. We congratulate Indiana dog owners on this victory and thank those whose tireless efforts turned HB 1468 into a bill that protects the health and welfare of dogs without punishing responsible breeders.

Please take a few minutes to thank Governor Mitch Daniels for signing HB 1468 and Representative Foley and Senator Steele for listening to the concerns of breeders and fanciers and for their leadership in amending this bill.

Their contact information is as follows:

Governor Mitch Daniels
Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797
Phone: (317) 232-4567
E-mail: Click here to send an e-mail to Governor Daniels

Representative Ralph Foley
P.O. Box 1435
Martinsville, Indiana 46151
Phone: (800) 382-9841

Senator Brent Steele
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Phone: (800) 382-9467
E-mail: Click here to e-mail Senator Steele. Select his name from the drop-down menu.

House Bill 1468 has passed the Indiana General Assembly and been signed by Governor Mitch Daniels….