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On Monday, January 22, the Roseburg City Council approved multiple changes to the animal control laws – including a new limit law. You can read the adopted ordinances in detail here, but below are a few of the changes to local law:

  • Each city residence will be allowed to have no more than four dogs and six cats.
  • Be required to report all animal bites to the city, no matter how minor.
  • A dog found at large and entered into the city’s animal shelter system could either be resold or euthanized after 72 or 120 hours, depending on its licensing status.

The new ordinances will take effect in 30 days. Although we were not successful in changing the proposed ordinances, the AKC thanks the Roseburg City Council for not only hearing our concerns and having a robust, public discussion, but also for stating they will revisit the new ordinance should issues arise. Local area club members and dog owners are encouraged to reach out to AKC Government Relations with any comments or concerns as the new ordinance takes effect.

AKC Government Relations continues to monitor proposals in Oregon impacting dog owners and will provide updates.  For questions or more information on Oregon state or local policy proposals, contact AKC GR at