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Earlier this week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed Senate Bill 981 into law.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) still believes that S.981 is actually designed to protect the business of shelters and rescues, not better protect dogs or ownership interests.  AKC believes the new law abandons interests of reasonableness, fairness, and equity for people under the law; and disregards constitutional requirements that protect all U.S. citizens, including New Jersey residences, from overreaching enforcement powers.

Click here to read more about the constitutional concerns presented by S.981.

AKC will not be deterred from advocating for constitutionally sound and reasonable laws in New Jersey that seek to promote and protect the rights of responsible dog owners.  AKC reminds all New Jersey residents that upcoming state elections present a perfect opportunity to learn about candidates’ positions on important canine legislative issues.  Click here to read our most recent election guide.

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